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Common Reasons For Boredom In The Bedroom

… and 6 things you can do to get the fire back


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Is Your Lady Bored In The Bedroom?

Are you bored with your sex life?

Well, if you care to admit that you might be in a relationship in which the fire has started to dwindle a bit, you are not alone.

Bedroom Boredom Happens To Most Everyone

It happens to everyone, and in every relationship.

In fact, a good way to look at your sex life is comparing it to a campfire.  Once the fire gets going, it’s just a matter of time before you see the flames climb high into the night’s sky.

The Flames Burn Low

But then, as with every roaring fire, the flames burn down a bit, and if there aren’t any more logs thrown into the fire, all that will be left is just a hot bed of red coals! The trick is to keep putting fuel on those red coals before the fire goes out completely.

How Do You Feed The Fire?

So, how do you feed that fire? After all, you really do wish you could get that “old spark” back and have the kind of great sex you used to, right?

Excitement Wears Off

 Sexual boredom can occur in any relationship after the first initial excitement of being together wears off. 

After all, you and your lover may come home from a long day at work, looking pretty tired, and the last thing on your mind might be jumping on the kitchen table to get it on, right?

She may have forgotten to shave for the last two weeks and she doesn’t look as sexy as she once did – we have all been there. And of course, you’re not helping matters either by walking around, scratching you backside with your old boxers on.

Meanwhile, those hot coals in the fire pit are nearly gone.

What To Do?

So what do you do? Do you throw the giant log into the fire, hoping that it catches on fire again?

Most likely, what the only thing the log will do is put the fire out of its misery – forever.

Why is that? Because the bigger the log, the bigger the expectations. And when our expectations are dashed, we tend to give up or get angry and walk away.

sultry ladyGet Your Love Life Back On Track

 Instead, take simple and small steps to get your love back on track.

Your sex life reflects your life in general. If you are stressed, ill, or bored with your life, usually those same feelings transfer over to your sex life too. Your sex life is simply a mirror to what you are experiencing at the moment.

What’s The Real Answer?

Here Are 6 Solutions

 So what’s the answer to sexual boredom? To bring the fire back into the bedroom, you have to bring excitement to your life outside the bedroom first!

 Here are a few tips:


  1. Clean out the clutter – your room, your car, and your life. Get rid of all the things that weigh you down, spiritually, emotionally or visually. This is like removing all the useless ash from your fire pit. The more ash you get rid of, the more room you will have to be you.

  2. Start exercising – This gets the juices flowing in every part of your body including your privates. If you’re not the “gym” type, take walks after dinner or go for a bike ride. Just get off your ass and start moving!

  3. Feed your creativity – Go to a theatrical play, have a date night, an art show, or a music concert. The passion that comes from the art you experience can transcend to your mind, attitude, and ultimately your sex life!

  4. Communicate – Many times, you will find that your love life directly correlates with the type of communication you and your partner are experiencing. Doing the above mentioned things will help with communication. It’s easier to talk about art, music, or your health to help get you back on track. You will find that those little sparks will also help you talk about the bills being due, when you need to pick up the kids, or what chores need to be done.

  5. Bring her small gifts – The act of generosity can unlock a lot of past hang-ups, including resentments, frustrations, and annoyances that may exist between the two of you. Start small with gifts such as flowers, scarves, and coupons for getting her nails done, or a massage. All these things make her feel special and provide you the feeling that you are doing a good job taking care of her!

  6. Increase Your Confidence – Women love a man with confidence. Perhaps you need an extra nudge to get the fire going. Perhaps, you want show her that you’re as sexual as ever!

 Sexual excitement always begins before entering the bedroom. If you remember to slowly feed your fire, soon those small gestures will ignite into a small but powerful fire with tremendous potential. In no time at all, you will be ready to put that big log back in the fire bit and see the flames, once again, fill the night sky.

Good Luck Out There,

Victor Mayfield

p.s.  There’s a product called Provacyl (fairly expensive) that I take – I’ve found that it not only helps with a general sense of well being – energy, good mood, etc. – it also helps a lot with keeping my libido strong (but not too strong).

Check out the details page Here and see if it is something that you feel might help you out as well.



The Latest Recalls & News For Natural Male Enhancement Products

For recent updates on Recalls see my latest post about it on my other site here:

I always say to “be careful out there” when giving advice to guys who are looking for a natural male enhancement supplement.

Image via Flickr

Here are a couple of recent cases and news stories to keep in mind if you are buying your (cheap) products from an unreliable source.  At least these first two guys were actually delivering a product, unlike what The Rexbull scammers have been pulling.

Dangerous Male Enhancement Products

A man and his son were convicted recently for selling what they branded as Xzen 1200.

Father and sons from Rowland Heights sentenced for selling homemade ‘male enhancement’ … – San Gabriel Valley Tribune A father and two sons from Rowland Heights were sentenced this week for illegally importing an erectile dysfunction medication, manufacturing it in …

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And More Scary News


Volcano Company Recalls Two Male Sexual Enhancement Products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently reported that the Volcano Company has issued a voluntary recall of two of its sexual enhancement products. These products are Volcano Male Enhancement Liquid and Volcano Male 

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Nationwide Recall of Male Enhancement Liquid – US Food Safety

Mon, 22 Jul 2013 18:42:34 GMT

Volcano Company is notifying its distributors and customers by telephone and email and is arranging for return/replacement etc. of all recalled products. Consumers/distributors/retailers that have Volcano Male Enhancement 

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And one about a cleverly named product called Night Bullet.  Nice one…

Male Enhancement Supplement Nationwide Recall | US Food Safety

Night Bullet is marketed as a supplement for male enhancement. The recalled products are in capsule form, packaged in one (1) count blister packs. The lot and expiration date can be found on the back of the package.

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Some of you have probably come across VitaliKor.

Dietary Supplement for Sexual Enhancement Recall: VitaliKOR

On 2013-11-14, the FDA announced that Vitality Research Labs is conducting a recall on Dietary Supplement for Sexual Enhancement due to a possible lack of fda approval. The recalled products were sold under the brand name(s) VitaliKOR 

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Just a little refresher course on why it pays to always be careful out there when buying any kind of supplement whether it is to enhance your libido or not.

My advice…  always do business with a company that has been around a long enough time that they have a product  that has lots of user testimonials, that they have an actual (legitimate) website where they sell the product.  (not just a return address on the flyer they sent you in the mail)  You know what I mean.

Be careful out there,

Victor Mayfield

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