All Day Energy Greens – I Love Them

Do All Day Energy Greens Work?

I have been taking All Day Energy Greens on and off for over a year now.  That’s probably enough time to test a product to see if it works and to do a short review, ay?

all day energy greens image

This is some good stuff.

Starting Out – My New Man Supplement!

When I first received the promotion for this product in the mail I threw it in the trash.

But IVL (Insitute For Vibrant Living) kept sending the mailers to me.  I finally relented and ordered one jar.  For like $40.00! (with shipping)

You know it’s pretty good promotional material if they can get you to send $40 for something to “test it out”, or whatever they said.  It had a money back guarantee if I didn’t like it – so I figured I had nothing to lose.

Before I finished the jar of stuff –  (it’s a powder that you mix a couple of tablespoons in with water) I called them back and had them put me on the auto ship program.

It does everything they say it will and more.  I like it.  A lot.

I know it’s a great supplement for any man’s diet.  It helps to keep you regular too.  Lots of good stuff in there.  At least 5 servings of fruit/vegetables in every two tablespoon scoop.

That’s a good thing because I know I rarely get 5 servings of fruit and or vegetables every day.  The stuff just makes me feel better all around.

Where To Buy All Day Energy Greens Now

Recently I found the stuff on Amazon.  Click Here To check it out on Amazon.  You can often buy it cheaper than you can directly from the company.  Check it out.  It works.

Good Luck out there,

Victor Mayfield

Profollica Hair Loss Treatment Worked For Me

Having approached and passed middle age and with my hair thinning – see pic below – I decided to try a product called Profollica to see if it would work as claimed – and to do a review.

It seems (from reading their website) that the majority of guys who use the product get results.  The stuff also came with a 60 day money back guarantee so I decided to give it a go.  Here’s a picture I took of the top of my head the day the product arrived.  I’d say I have some male pattern baldness going on there – don’t you think?

picture of hair before using Profollica

Here’s what my hair looked like before using Profollica.

 And here’s a picture of my head approximately 60 days later.

(I stood under a light in my kitchen – plus used the flash on the camera to really pick up the new, fine hair that is coming in.  I could hardly believe how much new hair was growing up there in such a short time.)

profollica hair loss treatment "after 60 days" picture

Profollica is doing the trick for me. This is after 60 days of use.


My wife cuts my hair and she said she could tell a “pretty big” difference.

Here’s another picture.

profollica results image

Still thin – but it’s growing back!

In all honesty I don’t wash my hair everyday – but I did use the shampoo that is available with the Profollica package every time I washed my hair.

A Hair Loss Treatment That Works

You also get what they call a gel to apply after washing your hair.  I applied the stuff – which is not all that gel like – it has more the consistency of water – maybe six times over the course of sixty days.

male pattern baldness - thinning hair

I had grown tired of wearing a hat like this guy to cover my thinning hair. That’s what led me to search out and find Profollica.

The package included a daily supplement (vitamins and such) that I did not take either.

So even though I didn’t use the product as recommended – it still worked!

Thinning Hair Coming In Naturally

The hair that is coming in is very light – almost gray in color.  I think you can tell that from the pics, but I don’t really care.  I figure if it stays that color and it doesn’t match with the hair I already have I can dye it.

I will of course start to pay more attention to the instructions now that I have seen decent results.  I am interested in seeing what the stuff will do over the next sixty days.  I’ll let you know.

If you want to buy Profillica to see if it might work for you, I highly recommend it.

The nice thing is this…  These guys treat you right.  If the stuff doesn’t work for you – you can get your money back.

As a matter of fact I put a “You Don’t Have To Be Bald” banner just below that you can click on and be taken directly to the Profollica site.  So that’s my Profollica review so far.  Stay tuned.

Good luck out there.

Victor Mayfield


Update October 16th, 2012

After 6 months use of Profollica

Looking pretty good!

It’s been nearly six months since I started using Profollica on a relatively consistent basis.

For the last couple of months I have not been using the shampoo – or the vitamins.  I have only been using the “liquid gel” that you rub into your scalp after a shower.

The Latest

Here’s the latest pictures that I just took today.  My wife cut my hair just a couple of days ago.

I’ll add some pictures in a couple of months before I get a hair cut so we can see what it looks like then.

image of new hair after Profollica use

I like what I see.

Am I Impressed?

I have to say that I am pretty impressed with this stuff and will continue to use it.  It’s working well for that thinning spot on top of my head, but I’m not seeing much if any results in the front (receding) hair line area, but there are a few stray thin hairs there now.

The frontal receding hairline I have had since my early twenties – so there may be no hope – save for a hair transplant.

My HyperGH 14x Experience | HyperGH14x Review

A while back I started taking HyperGH 14x, which is a daily HGH releaser designed specifically for bodybuilders.   I started taking it after having some surprising success with another hgh releaser/testesterone booster called Provacyl and you can read all about that experiment at this blog post/review.

Being 43 years old and a little soft around the middle I figured there might be something to all of this HGH stuff after a friend told me that he had tried a certain natural hgh releaser supplement (Provacyl), and felt that he’d had some success with it.  (“it really perked me up” – is what I think he said)  I decided to try it and you can read all about my experience in the Provacyl review I did (linked above).

Anyway… after finding success with Provacyl I decided to really upgrade and see if HyperGH 14x was any good.  Now I have to tell you that I am not in any way a ‘bodybuilder’.  Never have been.  I try to stay moderately active, but I don’t make a habit of exercising on a frequent basis if you know what I mean.

Why Try HyperGH 14X?

Spring is coming, we like to go to the beach, and I generally just wanted to try it and see if it would do anything for me as far as muscle building goes.  I also made a mental note to myself to start working out more.  Which I did.  I started doing some pushups, situps/crunches, bench presses, and now that winter is over – riding my bike every couple of days.  I did seem to have more energy than before after taking the Provacyl on a consistent basis.

When the HyperGH 14X arrived I stopped taking the Provacyl.  I didn’t want to skew any possible results.

What does HyperGH 14X consist of?

The ingredients as listed on the back of the box include:


  • GTF Chromium (as chromium yeast)
  • L-Arginine HCI
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Gysine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Lysine
  • Tribulus Terrestris (vine)

Some other natural herbs like Astragalus root, and things like deer velvet antler, GABA, pituitary powder, and a few other things.  You can read the entire ingredients list as well as what they are individually supposed to do for you at  HyperGH 14x ingredients web page.

It sounded like some pretty potent stuff, and they had a few testimonials, but not a lot because the product has pretty much just come to market. (spring 2012)  The testimonials sounded good, and I thought it might be something to take to really get my motor running and motivate me to finally build those muscles that I always secretly wanted and what my wife of 20 years always told me I didn’t need because I was fine just the way I was.  Heh, heh.

Two parts to HyperGH 14x

The actual product consists of not only a supplement/pill you take twice a day, but also an HGH spray.  The 2 ounce spray bottle says ‘Alpha GPC Oral Spray’ on the label.  It also says ‘human growth hormone releaser’.  I guess they are the same thing, but I don’t know for sure.  It probably says on the website so I make a note to look later.  I actually don’t like being a guineau pig for new products, but with my recent success with the other product from the same company I decide to just go ahead and start taking it.

HyperGH 14X dosing protocol

The instructions say to take two tablets in the morning 15 minutes prior to your workout and also to take three sprays of the liquid hgh releaser I mentioned above.  I do that the first morning of taking it.  I actually worked out a little bit too, but not more than usual.  Some pushups, bar curls, bench press, etc., maybe 10 or 15 minutes worth and I didn’t work so hard to even break a sweat. (pretty much my normal workout that I do 2 or 3 days a week)

I also remember to take two more pills and three sprays before bed – per the instructions.

HyperGH 14X Side Effects?

The next morning my lower back is sore.  Like my kidneys are hurting.  Just like they do when I don’t drink enough water after being outside in the hot sun working, or at the beach too long.  I drink a whole bunch of water that day while continuing to take the product.  It says to take the same amount whether you plan on working out or not.

Some HyperGH 14x Results

After four days I really start to notice that I can feel my muscles.  I looked in the mirror with my shirt off and didn’t notice anything different, but I certainly had a new awareness that there was something going on in my muscles.

Does HyperGH 14x make you sick?

The best way I can describe it is to say that it felt like that feeling you get just before you come down with the flu.  Do you know what I am talking about?  Your muscles ache a little bit and you feel like you are about to get sick.  You feel a little bit weak, etc.  That’s what it was like, except it was very subtle.  A bit irritating actually, and thought I might actually be getting the flu, but I had just gotten over it (the whole family had it) so I knew it must be the product.

I took it for ten days and then had to stop. (temporarily)   Even though I had continued exercising on my ‘not so regular workout schedule’ I still felt ‘run-down’ and I knew there was no way I could be ‘sick that long’.  I wasn’t actually sick though.  I did have a runny nose the whole time.  I attributed that to spring allergies.

The pain in my lower back went away after the first few days of taking it.  I attributed that to the product actually flushing out toxins and fat deposits because I ended up losing five pounds the first week even though I was eating more than usual.  I was hungry!

The funny thing is this.  The day after I stopped taking the product my runny nose cleared up and I no longer had that slight ‘before the flu’ ache that persisted pretty much the entire time of taking it.  Now I can’t completely rule out a coincidence.  Maybe I actually was sick.  More than likely all of the above was true.

I think the product was flushing out toxins in my body to a great extent.  I am familiar with things like colon cleanses and that you often feel sick for a couple of days when starting to do a whole body cleanse.

HyperGH 14x is designed specifically for bodybuilders after all.  These guys and ladies are already quite fit, have a much better diet than me I am sure, and generally have healthier bodies.    They probably won’t react that way to start.  Probably will have no ‘symptoms’ at all.

If you are not looking to get big muscles – take something else.  Seriously.

If you are someone who sees some of the benefits of taking an HGH releaser but is not interested in building up your muscles to any great extent there are other products not so potent like the Provacyl I mentioned above as well as another very popular one called GenF20 and the like.

I continue taking HyperGH 14x (for now)

After taking three days off from the product I am back on it.  I wish I had taken a picture to show the true ‘before’.  I will try to get a current picture for your and post it here.  I asked my wife if could notice a difference and she said she definitely could.  (this is after a total of 14 days… three of which I didn’t even take the stuff)

Now… I don’t like feeling sick, so I am only going to take the stuff in the morning whether I work out within 15 minutes or not.  I found that if I took it right before going to bed like they recommend for the second dose of the day that I had trouble falling asleep.  It seems to jack me up a little bit.

So I am going to take this HyperGH 14x hgh releaser stuff just once a day for the next several days and see how I feel.  If I feel great then I may go back to the two doses a day and see if my muscle building results improve.

I’ll keep updating this HyperGH 14x review as time permits.  As yet I am still undecided on the stuff, but I can honestly say that my muscles are bigger after just a couple of weeks of taking it.

If you haven’t already been to the HyperGH14x site I put a banner down below that you can click on to check it out at the official site.  There is a lot of information there.  It looks like a good product.  I am just not sure yet if it is for me.

Victor Mayfield

Natural Hair Loss Home Remedies and Ayurvedic Treatments For Hair Fall

hair loss remedies for men

Thinning hair and receding hairlines are a problem for many men and women.

There are many supposed natural home remedies and treatments for people suffering with hair loss or hair fall.  In this article we’re going to discuss some of the potential cures and hopefully help those who are looking for a natural hair growth remedy.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Hair Loss

Natural ayurvedic treatments are traditional healing programs originally practiced in India.  The proven results of ayurvedic treatments have made even contemporary doctors take a second look at them.  This type of remedy has been used for centuries and mainly depends on altering one’s lifestyle, so that healing takes place.

The natural supplements which include certain vitamins for hair growth in these ayurvedic solutions possess excellent curative properties which not only help to stop hair loss but also help grow new hair.  They also help to remedy an itchy and dry scalp, which of course is a main cause of dandruff problems.

How Does Ayurveda Work?

Ayurveda determines a person’s body type as well as the balance of mind-body constitution which are thought to be the main cause of most health problems including premature hair loss and receding hair lines.

Loss of hair, receding hair lines, and balding can be a result of pitta dosha, which is mainly caused due to excessive intake of alcohol, tea, coffee, fried foods, oily foods, spicy foods, meats, and/or smoking. So, people suffering from pitta dosha may have problems such as losing their hair at an early age or premature graying of the hair.

The use of harsh chemicals and shampoos on the hair and scalp is another reason for falling hair.  Chemicals increase pitta doshas thereby enhancing body heat.  Ayurveda uses amla (Indian gooseberry) and shikakai( Acacia concinna) for washing the hair and you can find these ingredients incorporated in some of the healthy and natural shampoos.  One of the best ones available is called Profollica.

Ayurveda combines the use of balanced diet, oil massage, yoga, herbal products, aromatherapy, yoga, breathing and meditation.  It also puts special attention on oil massage in order to promote hair growth.  Oil massage is known to improve blood circulation in the scalp, which stimulates the hair root resulting in hair growth.

Massaging the scalp with whatever hair treatment product you buy is almost always included as part of the instructions.   A scalp massage on a daily basis, even if you choose not to use a product at all, will certainly help to increase the blood flow to that area and possibly provide other benefits too, such as helping you to be more alert and not feel so sleepy during the day.

Diet and Vitamins as a Hair Loss Remedy

It is very important that every individual suffering from hair loss to take a look at their daily diet.  This is one of the leading cause for pitta dosha and if one finds that they are eating a lot of greasy foods, drinking products with lots of caffeine in them, overindulging in alcohol, etc., they should try to eliminate them or at least minimize how much they are eating.

Moderation is key here.  Pitta dosha can be minimized by drinking 4 ounces of aloe vera juice three times a day for a period of three months.  If you can’t manage the aloe vera, then just about any fresh squeezed juice taken in this manner will at least help your situation.  It will also provide many other health benefits for you too.  Most people realize that they don’t get enough fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, and this is a good way to do it.

Another natural remedy for hair loss is to consume white sesame seeds every morning, which are rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium. People can also consume a couple of drops of sesame oil every day, to improve hair health.

Consuming foods that are rich in vitamin B and C, sulfur, zinc and essential fatty acids can control your falling hair to a great extent.  Protein rich foods like yogurt, green leafy vegetables, nuts, whole grains, milk, soya bean and sprouts helps to enhance hair growth.  Alcohol consumption and smoking should be completely avoided. There has been discussion that too much vitamin D in the diet may be a factor in hair loss is some people, but no definitive studies have proven it to be true.

Drinking fresh juices of alfalfa, carrot, spinach, and lettuce also aids in hair growth. Water has the ability to flush all the toxins from the body, so drinking plenty of water can also help improve hair fall. People with iron deficiencies often have a problem with thinning hair, but this is one mineral that you definitely do not want to get too much of as it has proven to cause other health problems. Once again, balance is key.

Oil Massages to Treat Thinning Hair

Massaging greatly helps in hair fall control. It enhances the flow of blood into the scalp thereby increasing hair and scalp health. Regular hair massaging using almond oil, mustard oil, argan oil, coconut oil, or oils containing vitamin E reduces hair fall by strengthening hair follicles.

Apart from oil, a mixture of egg yolk and honey can be used for massaging.  Also, the juice of coriander provides the same benefits.

Another effective ayurvedic receding hair loss treatment includes the use of herbal serum on the scalp. Herbal serums are known to nourish the hair follicles, minimize itchiness and helps to restore a receding hair line.

What Sort of Herbs Are Good As A  Hair Loss Remedy?

There are a number of ayurvedic herbs recommended for hair loss which includes Bhringaraaja, brahmi, amla, ritha, neem, ashwagandha, marshmallow, burdock tea and horsetail.  Also, rinsing the hair with apple cider vinegar and sage tea has been shown to provide healthy, thick and lustrous hair in many people.

Applying a paste of neem leaves, Indian gooseberry, castor oil and egg yolk on the scalp has wonderful healing properties and thus reduces hair fall.  If it is at all possible, a mixture such as this should be left on the scalp, covered with a tightly fitting wool cap for as many hours as is possible.

If you have the ability to leave the mixture on your scalp for more than 12 hours you can substitute chicken fat for the egg yolk.  It sounds crazy, but many people have reported excellent results with this mixture after leaving it on their head for several days.

Unfortunately in this day and age it is just not possible to go through a routine such as the one noted above.  There are some other manufactured products with natural ingredients that you can use as part of your daily routine that will help.  More on than below.

Ayurvedic treatments for hair loss, unlike many of the other not so natural treatments and procedures, do not possess any side-effects and can be considered as one of the best and safest options in the treatment of receding hair lines and thinning hair.

Are There Any Easy Treatments I Can Use?

If all of this seems to be too much to consider and you are looking for a ready made, pre-packaged hair loss remedy then you may want to take a look at a product and treatment plan called Profollica.  Profollica is a hair loss treatment program with proven results. It comes with a daily shampoo, hair serum, as well as some vitamins for you to take as a supplement on a daily basis.

This is one of the best natural hair growth remedy programs that I have found – Click Here to see my personal review – and it fits in well with the ayurvedic ideas for treatment of hair loss.  You can also go directly to the main company page by clicking the banner I put down below.

Victor Mayfield

How Do Natural HGH Releasers Work?

…should I take a natural HGH Releaser supplement like HyperGH 14X?

…and do they work?

I was hearing about Natural HGH Releasers and wondered what they were all about, so I figured I’d dig a little deeper, do a review, and see what I could find.  I also started taking one of these products on a daily basis to see if in fact the claims being made by the product purveyors hold up.

hgh releasers for bodybuilding

If you crave the hard chiseled bodybuilder or athlete look and are willing to put in the time and effort in the gym an HGH releaser like HyperGH 14x can probably help get you there faster.

For those who know me, they would probably tell you that judging by my physique that I must be at least a moderately active guy. 

I’m not fat by any means, but it wouldn’t hurt for me to lose 20 -30 pounds.  The truth is that I don’t get all that much exercise.

If I “workout” during the week it means I did ten pushups, curled my 50# bar a couple of dozen times, and if I’m lucky did at least a few crunches.

Even at that I sometimes hurt myself.  Rotator cuff, knee, sore wrists, etc.  I know it’s because I am getting older and the fact that I am not consistent in my exercise routines, but nevertheless, I heard about HGH Releasers, Low T boosters, and the like and thought that maybe one of these products might help me a little bit.

A Natural HGH Releaser is not the same thing as anabolic steroids or synthetic HGH.

What I found out is that these natural hgh releasers are just that.  Natural.  They are a dietary supplement made with specific herbs as well as amino acids (think L-glutamine, L-arginine, etc.)  What these supplements are designed to do is to stimulate your pitiuitary gland to produce more of your own body’s growth hormones.

You know… those things that gave you muscles as a teenager?  Where’d that firm flat body of yours go?  Same place as mine I suppose.

Boosting Your Low T Naturally

Anyway, as you get older, the pituitary gland starts to produce less of the things that help (most) us to look and feel young.  You can see the difference in guys who have a healthy and productive pituitary gland at 50 -60 years old versus those who don’t. I’m not going to get all technical here and try and explain all of the gritty details.  If you want those, check out the pituitary gland info over at Wikipedia.

The same thing goes for women I suppose, but they have plenty of other things working against them age wise than men do.  Face it.  Guys usually can shed pounds faster than women, it’s a fact of life, and has a lot to do with hormones.

Are There Any Safe and Natural HGH Releasers?

Which leads me to my little experiment with a natural HGH Releaser called Provacyl.  You can read the Provacyl review I did.  Sufice to say… I am a believer.  See below for info on a new product called HyperGH 14x which is a bit stronger and more specific to building muscle mass.

Is there something stronger for guys who really want to build muscle?

Synthetic HGH and Steroids

If you are in your teens or young twenties and really looking to build up your muscles, or are in the process of doing so you probably have heard about (and maybe used or are using) anabolic steroids, or even sythetic hgh.  You know the stuff is bad for you, but the results… they come so quick!  Don’t they?

The thing is this.  You also know that you can’t take that crap forever.  And the longer you take it the worse you feel.  It’s a good thing you found me!  There is an excellent, (and in many, many ways better) substitute.

HyperGH for Building Muscle

It’s called HyperGH 14x.  Top shelf, top of the line, (fairly expensive even) Natural HGH Releaser.  The package comes with a supplement as well as an oral spray that you spray in your mouth twice a day.  Check it out by clicking the banner below and see if it’s any good.  You can also read my own personal experience with HyperGH 14x HGH releaser right on this website. Maybe it is something that will help you get what you want.

Victor Mayfield

Power Up Labs Male Enhancer Pill – Can You Trust It?

Curious to find out if the new Mens Power Up Labs male enhancement pill is any good?  Take a look at the latest Power Up Labs review by Victor Mayfield right here and decide if it’s right for you.

By Victor Mayfield

power up male enhancement

Power Up makes big claims – but nothing seems to add up. photo credit

I have been doing male enhancement reviews for quite a long time now and this latest mailing from really takes the cake.

Power Up Review

If you are anything like me you get promotions like this in the mail fairly often.  Somehow along the way I, (and probably you) ended up on someones mailing list and our names got sold, passed around, and every male enhancement product provider is trying to hawk us the latest and greatest new pill that will for sure, “this time”, solve all of our problems.

I really find it interesting that most of the time when I take a close look at what they are really saying they aren’t saying anything at all.  It is all promotion.

Product promotion like this is all words with nothing to back it up.  Lots of beautiful women, some amazing pictures of the biggest men you are likely to ever see anywhere, and often a bunch of made up testimonials, (if that).

The latest scam from Viarex?

This Men’s Power Up pill is just one of the latest from Viarex Labs out of Newhall California.  I have written about Viarex before, and I have never received even one positive testimonial from a happy customer.

I am starting to think that they just change the name of their product every six months.  A new fancy label on their bottle of pills, and a new label on their male enhancement cream, some slick new literature to send out in the mail, and a new website hanging off of the domain name.  (did you type into your web browser?  Take a look at the URL that you end up at and you’ll see what I mean).

Does Power Up Male Enhancement work?

Look, I am not here to tell you that this Power Up Pill doesn’t work.  I don’t know.  I have not tried it.  If you do order it and it works for you I’d like to hear about it.  But when all that I see is a bunch of claims and nothing to back it up I tend to shy away from male enhancement products like this.

This Mens Power Up pill is supposed to do wonders for my libido with this amazing combination of ingredients, but they fail to tell me what those ingredients are!  I guess you have to send them your money and wait for the product to find out if anything in the pills will make you sick because you are allergic.

Another thing… These guys are claiming that Power-Up is manufactured and distributed by Power – Up Labs, Inc. which is supposedly the #1 manufacturer of all natural erection producing supplements in the entire USA.

Nothing To Back Up Their Claims

The thing about that statement is this…  I couldn’t find anything on the internet to back up that claim.  That seems really weird to me.  It makes me think they are lying.  And if they are lying about that, what else are they not being truthful about?

I also did some research to find out more about their Doctor Murry Green and I could not find any doctor by that name who I could link back to the company.  Strange don’t you think?

What Is A Proven Product That Works?

There are plenty of other male enhancement products that have been around long enough to have proven themselves for me to take a chance of something brand new.  For now I’ll be sticking with my VigRX Plus and staying away from this Power Up stuff.

I put a banner down below that you can click on and check out VigRX Plus to see if it is something you feel is right for you.

All the best, and good luck out there.

Victor M.

A Personal Provacyl Review

When I first started hearing about Provacyl, Low T,  Natural HGH Releasers, Andropause and its symptoms, and the like, I thought it was all a bunch of crap.  You can read my review on the matter in this article about low testosterone symptoms in men.  But what I found after actually trying a product called Provacyl is that there is definitely something to it.

andropause and low testosterone

If you have low t, andropause, or “man-o-pause” you probably don’t have enough energy to please the ladies. Provacyl can probably help.

One of my readers (thanks Barry), suggested to me that there were in fact some benefits to be gained by taking a natural supplement that incorporated things to boost your hgh and testosterone levels.  He mentioned in a comment on one of my blog posts that a product he had started taking “really perked him up”.  (his words, not mine)

I promised to order the product and do a review, so here it is.

Provacyl Review

I ordered some Provacyl.  What I liked about the product and the company behind it was that they offered a real nice money back guarantee.  Meaning that I could actually try the product and if I felt it did not work for me, or do for me what I wanted it to do I could get all my money back.

I like dealing with companies like that.  I mean… have you ever tried taking a whole bottle of supplements from a store like Walmart, or Walgreens and then tried to return the empty bottle and get all your money back?  I didn’t think so.  It would be like eating an entire meal in a restaurant, licking your plate clean, and then telling the owner you didn’t like the food and you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

So… if Provacyl feels that their product is so good that I have no monetary risk, and no side effect risk, why not give it a go?  I could use some “perking up” as Barry said, so I went ahead and ordered it.

What are the Provacyl Ingredients?

The first thing I do when I get the package in the mail is take a look at the ingredients as listed on the outer packaging.

Essentially what I see is that there is a good Amino Acid blend, some Muira Puama leaf, Ginkgo (no surprise there), Acai, Ginseng, Tribulus terrestris (good for boosting the libido), some Soy (filler?), DHEA (which sounds good, but i don’t know why), and a few other things.  You can get all the percentages, ingredients, and details at This Link.

The instructions tell me to eat before taking the pills and that I should take no more than 4 per day.  They recommend 2 pills per day.   I start off by taking ONE pill after dinner the first day.  I have a tendency to get a little bit of heartburn when taking anything new so I don’t want to hurt myself.

I don’t notice anything the first few days.  I feel the same.  By day four I start to taking two pills a day, and even though they tell you that it could take up to a month to start to feel results I start to feel different by day seven or so.

It started by me not feeling so tired after work that I felt like I needed a nap after dinner.  As a matter of fact, now that I think about it I didn’t even think about a mid afternoon nap anymore.  I was actually busy all day and not feeling exhausted.

Maybe there is something to this stuff after all!

After a couple of weeks taking Provacyl I noticed that I was getting more frisky with my wife than I usually do.  She liked it.  I wasn’t “horny as all get out”, but it was nice to have a stronger libido than I’d had lately.

Provacyl claims that if you take the product that it will Boost Your Mood.  There is no question that I started to just “feel better” (that’s the only way I can explain it).  They claim the product will increase your Mental Focus, Increase Your Energy, and Boost Your Sex Drive.  That is definitely true for me.

They claim it will decrease body fat and increase your lean muscle mass too.  That seemed like a big claim to me at first, but I have to tell you that with the little bit of working out that I do that I actually can feel a difference.  My muscles seem tighter, and I feel more agile and energetic.

I have been taking Provacyl for less than a month and I can honestly say that it has done everything that the company claims it will do.

So that’s my Provacyl review.

I am not going to be asking for my money back.  I will be ordering more.

Will it work for you?  I don’t know.  It may not.  But one thing I can tell you is that you won’t have any trouble asking for and getting your money back if you feel it did nothing for you. Check it out by clicking the banner I put below.  If you try it I’d like to hear your comments.

Victor Mayfield

Is Raging Bull Male Enhancement Any Good?

Figured I’d take some time to do a Raging Bull male enhancement review after receiving some literature in the mail from New Horizons Labs, Inc. in Manteno, Illinois.

At least that’s the name of the company on the return address of the envelope, but after doing an internet search for the company all I could come up with was a Mail Fulfillment Service?  What are they hiding?

Maybe this company is trying to ride on the coattails of another company out of New Zealand that has a product with the exact same name?  Something seems fishy here.

Another thing that is weird, is that even though there is a website named in the literature as when I typed that into my browser there wasn’t anything there about the company… it took me to a Go Daddy landing page.

So, two strikes so far and I haven’t even gotten into the what they claim this Raging Bull pill will do for you as far as enhancing your male member. 

But before I even get into that let me tell you about Robert A. Armstrong, PHD. 

This guy is supposedly the Director of Operations at New Horizons Lab, Inc. ,  or at least according to the literature I received in the mail.

When I did an internet search for the guy NOTHING CAME UP!  The only doctor with a similar name and same middle initial is not only not part of this company, he is an expert in  Mathematical modeling in marine ecology and biogeochemistry at the University of MN, at least according to his website.


I wouldn’t order this stuff. 

If I can’t trust, or find out who they are, how can I expect to believe all of the wonderful things they say their actual product can do?

For now I’m staying away from even thinking about ordering Raging Bull male enhancement pills and sticking with what I know works.  VigRX Plus.

VigRX Plus is a proven product with tons of testimonials, has been around a long time, has done actual clinical studies to prove the efficacy of the product, and will give you your money back if you find it doesn’t work for you.

I put a banner down below.  Check it out.  Maybe it is something you want to try and see if it can help you with what you want.

natural male enhancement

Why You Should Do A Colon Cleanse Every Now and Then

How Does Colon Cleansing Work? Is Digestive Science Any Good?

A good colon cleansing program will help you to detoxify your intestinal tract.  This is something that most everyone should do every now and then to help them maintain a healthy body.  Those who eat right all of the time and get plenty of exercise either do not need a colon cleanse, or will need to do one only once a year or so.

colon cleanse

There is quite a bit of science behind the idea of colon cleanses.

Benefits Of Colon Cleansing

One of the main benefits of doing a colon cleanse is that it is believed to help reduce the naturally occurring inflammation of the gastro intestinal tract.  Your internal plumbing can get inflamed for many reasons, typically because of a buildup of partially digested food and once this starts happening to you it can and does cause a whole host of other problems.

Problems Build Up

These problems only compound over time with sudden onsets of being allergic to foods that you were never allergic to before, poor bowel movement, feeling tired and sluggish most of the time, degrading skin conditions, and generally feeling lousy a lot of the time.

Are All Colon Cleanse Pills The Same?

When a person first hears about the benefits of a colon cleanse they usually don’t know which program or supplements to try and often just buy the cheapest thing they can find at Walmart or the local drug store.  Many of these products have been on the shelf for a long time and have lost much of their power to provide the results you are looking for.

In some cases they don’t work at all, or cause a situation of extremely loose bowel movements or even diarrhea.

An effective colon cleanse shouldn’t blast feces out of your colon. Rather, it should nurture the GI tract, with nutrients that calm the digestive system and help it to recuperate.  It should also restore a healthy balance of microflora in the intestines and provide support for ongoing digestive health.

What makes for a good colon cleansing program?

There is a company called Digestive Science that has an Intensive Colon Cleanse system, but is all natural.  This system helps you to detoxify in a natural way and is not hard on your body at all.

digestive science colon cleansing program

Unlike a lot of the other colon cleansing programs out there,  the Digestive Science program is formulated in a way that is soothing to your intestines.  It has an excellent balance of herbs, probiotics, and fibers including the very popular Chia.

This program really can help you to quickly get your internal plumbing moving again in the right way.

What are the steps of the Digestive Science Colon Cleansing Program?

1) Intensive Colon Cleanse – this is a ten day daily supplement of high-quality fibers and nutrients. Notably, it also includes gentle laxatives, to halt the symptoms of bad digestion, including gas, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

2) Maximum Digestion Probiotic. This is a daily regimen of ten strains of probiotics. Probiotics help to lower the bacteria that cause digestion issues such as gas and bloating, and work great for lessening or eliminating the pain and discomforts because of it, especially when you are on an aggressive cleansing regimen.

3) Daily Digestion Support is a once-a-day fiber supplement with the super-food “chia”.  If you want to have a healthy digestive system you need to maintain it.  You should not figure that just by doing a ten, twenty, or thirty day colon cleanse and then going back to your usual diet without a good and proper supplement that you are all set.

Having a health digestive system requires ongoing support with all of processed foods we eat these days and if you take a good fiber supplement with Chia you are well on your way to long term relief from bowel problems.

Do I need to change my diet while doing a colon cleanse?

When you are on a colon cleansing program it is good to make some adjustments to your diet.  As a matter of fact it is as simple as eating more of the things that you know you should be eating anyway and eliminating some of the things that you know aren’t good for you.

The things that you should eat more of are fruit, raw vegetables, less fatty foods, less red meat, nuts, (if your digestive system can handle them at this time) and of course drink more water than you think you need.

Try and avoid or lessen your intake of foods with processed sugar as much as you can, trans fatty foods, (look at the labels) and things like soda pop.  Common sense applies here.  You don’t have to eliminate everything that you like to eat, but more of the healthy stuff will help you to have a more successful cleanse.

What are some of the benefits of doing a colon cleanse?

There are many reported benefits of what people have experienced after going through a colon cleansing.  They include:

  • Better Sleep
  • Not feeling bloated
  • Weight loss
  • More energy
  • Brighter eyes and better vision
  • Less or no more headaches
  • Much less internal gas
  • Smoother bowel movements
  • More consistent and regular bowel movements
  • No more aching joints
  • Better complexion, and all around better skin health
  • An improved libido and sex drive

Money Back Guarantee?

On of the nice things about the Digestive Science colon cleanse program is that it is backed by a ninety day money back guarantee. 

They won’t pay the return shipping if you decide you don’t like it, or that it didn’t give you the results you were looking for, but try and return a half used bottle of anything you bought at Walmart or your local store and see what kind of response you get!

You can click on the banner below to check out this very popular colon and digestive cleanse system, read all kinds of testimonials, and generally get a good feel for what the best colon cleansing system will provide for you.

Kikisu Pure Chinese Viagra Review – Caution?

There are a few things about this Kikisu male enhancement product with 100% tribulus terrestris that don’t sit well with me and I am going to expound on them in this “Pure Chinese Viagra Review“.

The first thing that I thought of when I received the promotion in my mail is that it looks like this product is made in China.  Why does something that is made in China and is something that you are supposed to ingest concern me?

If you haven’t been under a rock for the last few years you know that there has been many products banned in the USA and Canada that were made there because they were tainted with all kinds of horrible chemicals and things.

Are Libido Enhancers from China Safe?

There have even been cases of Chinese manufacturing company owners put to death over there because they were lacing (using as filler) a lot of nasty stuff that ended up killing people.  One case in particular that I remember is the Chinese baby formula scandal.

Alright, if that sort of thing is not enough to concern you as it does me, let  me point out a couple of other things in the promotional literature that don’t stand up under even a little bit of scrutiny.

The people promoting this Kikisu male enhancement product are telling you that because it is made with 100% tribulus terrestris it is guaranteed 100% effective, fail proof, and has instant effects.

Is 100% Tribulus Terrestris an Effective Male Enhancer?

Now I am not going to argue that tribulus terrestris is not an effective male libido enhancer.  Most all natural libido boosters for men have it in it.  Even one of the most well known and popular ones called VigRX Plus has it in its ingredients, but Tribulus Terrestris in and of itself has not proven to be much if any benefit in the libido enhancing area, and certainly not something that will give you “the largest and hardest erection of your life within 30 seconds of taking it” like Kikisu claims it will.

I can also tell you from personal experience after taking products with a lot of tribulus in them that you better take them right after eating and not on an empty stomach, because if you don’t combine it with food you more than likely will get a bad stomach ache and most likely spend a good portion of your day on the toilet!  How’s that for the “no side effects” claim that they make?

What Other Claims Does Kikisu Make?

There are plenty of other claims made in the literature that Kikisu is putting out that don’t stand up either, but the main thing that bothers me is that you can’t find anything about the product or company by doing an internet search.  The company does not even have a website!  Not even to place an order!  Who does business like that these days?

It makes me thing that this is just another hit and run male enhancement product promotion where they will get as many orders as they can, cash the checks, and never send anything out.  Check out all of the comments under the Rexbull male enhancement article right on this site.  This Kikisu stuff reminds me of that promotion.  (that seems to still be going on).

What About Kikisu’s Sexology Doctors?

You also won’t find anything about the doctors of sexology noted in their promotional literature.  What’s that you say?  That’s right, neither Dr. Yudhong, Dr. Kasho, or Doctor Seng-Yu seem to exist.  I did an internet search to see if I could find any doctors with those names linked to sexology, libido enhancement products, as well as this particular product and could find nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my Kikisu male enhancement review.  I know that I am staying away from this product.  Until, and unless I can find some real user reviews, and happy testimonials that can be verified, I recommend you do too.

Is There an All Natural Product That I Can Trust?

If you are looking for a real, proven, and legitimate all natural male enhancement product, take a look at VigRX Plus.

Now that is a product that has real testimonials, has been around for years, and many men swear by it.  Including me.  Matter of fact, I don’t even need to take it every day.  It’s that good.  Will it work for you?  Most likely, but it doesn’t work for everyone.  Nothing does.

Check out all of the VigRX Plus testimonials too. 

It’s not the cheapest male enhancer out there by any means, but I know that I am more than happy to pay a little bit extra for something that does what it is supposed to do.  Matter of fact, just click on the banner down below and it will take you right to the official site.

Good luck out there,

Victor Mayfield


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