A Personal Provacyl Review

When I first started hearing about Provacyl, Low T,  Natural HGH Releasers, Andropause and its symptoms, and the like, I thought it was all a bunch of crap.  You can read my review on the matter in this article about low testosterone symptoms in men.  But what I found after actually trying a product called Provacyl is that there is definitely something to it.

andropause and low testosterone

If you have low t, andropause, or “man-o-pause” you probably don’t have enough energy to please the ladies. Provacyl can probably help.

One of my readers (thanks Barry), suggested to me that there were in fact some benefits to be gained by taking a natural supplement that incorporated things to boost your hgh and testosterone levels.  He mentioned in a comment on one of my blog posts that a product he had started taking “really perked him up”.  (his words, not mine)

I promised to order the product and do a review, so here it is.

Provacyl Review

I ordered some Provacyl.  What I liked about the product and the company behind it was that they offered a real nice money back guarantee.  Meaning that I could actually try the product and if I felt it did not work for me, or do for me what I wanted it to do I could get all my money back.

I like dealing with companies like that.  I mean… have you ever tried taking a whole bottle of supplements from a store like Walmart, or Walgreens and then tried to return the empty bottle and get all your money back?  I didn’t think so.  It would be like eating an entire meal in a restaurant, licking your plate clean, and then telling the owner you didn’t like the food and you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

So… if Provacyl feels that their product is so good that I have no monetary risk, and no side effect risk, why not give it a go?  I could use some “perking up” as Barry said, so I went ahead and ordered it.

What are the Provacyl Ingredients?

The first thing I do when I get the package in the mail is take a look at the ingredients as listed on the outer packaging.

Essentially what I see is that there is a good Amino Acid blend, some Muira Puama leaf, Ginkgo (no surprise there), Acai, Ginseng, Tribulus terrestris (good for boosting the libido), some Soy (filler?), DHEA (which sounds good, but i don’t know why), and a few other things.  You can get all the percentages, ingredients, and details at This Link.

The instructions tell me to eat before taking the pills and that I should take no more than 4 per day.  They recommend 2 pills per day.   I start off by taking ONE pill after dinner the first day.  I have a tendency to get a little bit of heartburn when taking anything new so I don’t want to hurt myself.

I don’t notice anything the first few days.  I feel the same.  By day four I start to taking two pills a day, and even though they tell you that it could take up to a month to start to feel results I start to feel different by day seven or so.

It started by me not feeling so tired after work that I felt like I needed a nap after dinner.  As a matter of fact, now that I think about it I didn’t even think about a mid afternoon nap anymore.  I was actually busy all day and not feeling exhausted.

Maybe there is something to this stuff after all!

After a couple of weeks taking Provacyl I noticed that I was getting more frisky with my wife than I usually do.  She liked it.  I wasn’t “horny as all get out”, but it was nice to have a stronger libido than I’d had lately.

Provacyl claims that if you take the product that it will Boost Your Mood.  There is no question that I started to just “feel better” (that’s the only way I can explain it).  They claim the product will increase your Mental Focus, Increase Your Energy, and Boost Your Sex Drive.  That is definitely true for me.

They claim it will decrease body fat and increase your lean muscle mass too.  That seemed like a big claim to me at first, but I have to tell you that with the little bit of working out that I do that I actually can feel a difference.  My muscles seem tighter, and I feel more agile and energetic.

I have been taking Provacyl for less than a month and I can honestly say that it has done everything that the company claims it will do.

So that’s my Provacyl review.

I am not going to be asking for my money back.  I will be ordering more.

Will it work for you?  I don’t know.  It may not.  But one thing I can tell you is that you won’t have any trouble asking for and getting your money back if you feel it did nothing for you. Check it out by clicking the banner I put below.  If you try it I’d like to hear your comments.

Victor Mayfield

Is Raging Bull Male Enhancement Any Good?

Figured I’d take some time to do a Raging Bull male enhancement review after receiving some literature in the mail from New Horizons Labs, Inc. in Manteno, Illinois.

At least that’s the name of the company on the return address of the envelope, but after doing an internet search for the company all I could come up with was a Mail Fulfillment Service?  What are they hiding?

Maybe this company is trying to ride on the coattails of another company out of New Zealand that has a product with the exact same name?  Something seems fishy here.

Another thing that is weird, is that even though there is a website named in the literature as  www.getragingbull.com when I typed that into my browser there wasn’t anything there about the company… it took me to a Go Daddy landing page.

So, two strikes so far and I haven’t even gotten into the what they claim this Raging Bull pill will do for you as far as enhancing your male member. 

But before I even get into that let me tell you about Robert A. Armstrong, PHD. 

This guy is supposedly the Director of Operations at New Horizons Lab, Inc. ,  or at least according to the literature I received in the mail.

When I did an internet search for the guy NOTHING CAME UP!  The only doctor with a similar name and same middle initial is not only not part of this company, he is an expert in  Mathematical modeling in marine ecology and biogeochemistry at the University of MN, at least according to his website.


I wouldn’t order this stuff. 

If I can’t trust, or find out who they are, how can I expect to believe all of the wonderful things they say their actual product can do?

For now I’m staying away from even thinking about ordering Raging Bull male enhancement pills and sticking with what I know works.  VigRX Plus.

VigRX Plus is a proven product with tons of testimonials, has been around a long time, has done actual clinical studies to prove the efficacy of the product, and will give you your money back if you find it doesn’t work for you.

I put a banner down below.  Check it out.  Maybe it is something you want to try and see if it can help you with what you want.

natural male enhancement

Why You Should Do A Colon Cleanse Every Now and Then

How Does Colon Cleansing Work? Is Digestive Science Any Good?

A good colon cleansing program will help you to detoxify your intestinal tract.  This is something that most everyone should do every now and then to help them maintain a healthy body.  Those who eat right all of the time and get plenty of exercise either do not need a colon cleanse, or will need to do one only once a year or so.

colon cleanse

There is quite a bit of science behind the idea of colon cleanses.

Benefits Of Colon Cleansing

One of the main benefits of doing a colon cleanse is that it is believed to help reduce the naturally occurring inflammation of the gastro intestinal tract.  Your internal plumbing can get inflamed for many reasons, typically because of a buildup of partially digested food and once this starts happening to you it can and does cause a whole host of other problems.

Problems Build Up

These problems only compound over time with sudden onsets of being allergic to foods that you were never allergic to before, poor bowel movement, feeling tired and sluggish most of the time, degrading skin conditions, and generally feeling lousy a lot of the time.

Are All Colon Cleanse Pills The Same?

When a person first hears about the benefits of a colon cleanse they usually don’t know which program or supplements to try and often just buy the cheapest thing they can find at Walmart or the local drug store.  Many of these products have been on the shelf for a long time and have lost much of their power to provide the results you are looking for.

In some cases they don’t work at all, or cause a situation of extremely loose bowel movements or even diarrhea.

An effective colon cleanse shouldn’t blast feces out of your colon. Rather, it should nurture the GI tract, with nutrients that calm the digestive system and help it to recuperate.  It should also restore a healthy balance of microflora in the intestines and provide support for ongoing digestive health.

What makes for a good colon cleansing program?

There is a company called Digestive Science that has an Intensive Colon Cleanse system, but is all natural.  This system helps you to detoxify in a natural way and is not hard on your body at all.

digestive science colon cleansing program

Unlike a lot of the other colon cleansing programs out there,  the Digestive Science program is formulated in a way that is soothing to your intestines.  It has an excellent balance of herbs, probiotics, and fibers including the very popular Chia.

This program really can help you to quickly get your internal plumbing moving again in the right way.

What are the steps of the Digestive Science Colon Cleansing Program?

1) Intensive Colon Cleanse – this is a ten day daily supplement of high-quality fibers and nutrients. Notably, it also includes gentle laxatives, to halt the symptoms of bad digestion, including gas, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

2) Maximum Digestion Probiotic. This is a daily regimen of ten strains of probiotics. Probiotics help to lower the bacteria that cause digestion issues such as gas and bloating, and work great for lessening or eliminating the pain and discomforts because of it, especially when you are on an aggressive cleansing regimen.

3) Daily Digestion Support is a once-a-day fiber supplement with the super-food “chia”.  If you want to have a healthy digestive system you need to maintain it.  You should not figure that just by doing a ten, twenty, or thirty day colon cleanse and then going back to your usual diet without a good and proper supplement that you are all set.

Having a health digestive system requires ongoing support with all of processed foods we eat these days and if you take a good fiber supplement with Chia you are well on your way to long term relief from bowel problems.

Do I need to change my diet while doing a colon cleanse?

When you are on a colon cleansing program it is good to make some adjustments to your diet.  As a matter of fact it is as simple as eating more of the things that you know you should be eating anyway and eliminating some of the things that you know aren’t good for you.

The things that you should eat more of are fruit, raw vegetables, less fatty foods, less red meat, nuts, (if your digestive system can handle them at this time) and of course drink more water than you think you need.

Try and avoid or lessen your intake of foods with processed sugar as much as you can, trans fatty foods, (look at the labels) and things like soda pop.  Common sense applies here.  You don’t have to eliminate everything that you like to eat, but more of the healthy stuff will help you to have a more successful cleanse.

What are some of the benefits of doing a colon cleanse?

There are many reported benefits of what people have experienced after going through a colon cleansing.  They include:

  • Better Sleep
  • Not feeling bloated
  • Weight loss
  • More energy
  • Brighter eyes and better vision
  • Less or no more headaches
  • Much less internal gas
  • Smoother bowel movements
  • More consistent and regular bowel movements
  • No more aching joints
  • Better complexion, and all around better skin health
  • An improved libido and sex drive

Money Back Guarantee?

On of the nice things about the Digestive Science colon cleanse program is that it is backed by a ninety day money back guarantee. 

They won’t pay the return shipping if you decide you don’t like it, or that it didn’t give you the results you were looking for, but try and return a half used bottle of anything you bought at Walmart or your local store and see what kind of response you get!

You can click on the banner below to check out this very popular colon and digestive cleanse system, read all kinds of testimonials, and generally get a good feel for what the best colon cleansing system will provide for you.

Kikisu Pure Chinese Viagra Review – Caution?

There are a few things about this Kikisu male enhancement product with 100% tribulus terrestris that don’t sit well with me and I am going to expound on them in this “Pure Chinese Viagra Review“.

The first thing that I thought of when I received the promotion in my mail is that it looks like this product is made in China.  Why does something that is made in China and is something that you are supposed to ingest concern me?

If you haven’t been under a rock for the last few years you know that there has been many products banned in the USA and Canada that were made there because they were tainted with all kinds of horrible chemicals and things.

Are Libido Enhancers from China Safe?

There have even been cases of Chinese manufacturing company owners put to death over there because they were lacing (using as filler) a lot of nasty stuff that ended up killing people.  One case in particular that I remember is the Chinese baby formula scandal.

Alright, if that sort of thing is not enough to concern you as it does me, let  me point out a couple of other things in the promotional literature that don’t stand up under even a little bit of scrutiny.

The people promoting this Kikisu male enhancement product are telling you that because it is made with 100% tribulus terrestris it is guaranteed 100% effective, fail proof, and has instant effects.

Is 100% Tribulus Terrestris an Effective Male Enhancer?

Now I am not going to argue that tribulus terrestris is not an effective male libido enhancer.  Most all natural libido boosters for men have it in it.  Even one of the most well known and popular ones called VigRX Plus has it in its ingredients, but Tribulus Terrestris in and of itself has not proven to be much if any benefit in the libido enhancing area, and certainly not something that will give you “the largest and hardest erection of your life within 30 seconds of taking it” like Kikisu claims it will.

I can also tell you from personal experience after taking products with a lot of tribulus in them that you better take them right after eating and not on an empty stomach, because if you don’t combine it with food you more than likely will get a bad stomach ache and most likely spend a good portion of your day on the toilet!  How’s that for the “no side effects” claim that they make?

What Other Claims Does Kikisu Make?

There are plenty of other claims made in the literature that Kikisu is putting out that don’t stand up either, but the main thing that bothers me is that you can’t find anything about the product or company by doing an internet search.  The company does not even have a website!  Not even to place an order!  Who does business like that these days?

It makes me thing that this is just another hit and run male enhancement product promotion where they will get as many orders as they can, cash the checks, and never send anything out.  Check out all of the comments under the Rexbull male enhancement article right on this site.  This Kikisu stuff reminds me of that promotion.  (that seems to still be going on).

What About Kikisu’s Sexology Doctors?

You also won’t find anything about the doctors of sexology noted in their promotional literature.  What’s that you say?  That’s right, neither Dr. Yudhong, Dr. Kasho, or Doctor Seng-Yu seem to exist.  I did an internet search to see if I could find any doctors with those names linked to sexology, libido enhancement products, as well as this particular product and could find nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my Kikisu male enhancement review.  I know that I am staying away from this product.  Until, and unless I can find some real user reviews, and happy testimonials that can be verified, I recommend you do too.

Is There an All Natural Product That I Can Trust?

If you are looking for a real, proven, and legitimate all natural male enhancement product, take a look at VigRX Plus.

Now that is a product that has real testimonials, has been around for years, and many men swear by it.  Including me.  Matter of fact, I don’t even need to take it every day.  It’s that good.  Will it work for you?  Most likely, but it doesn’t work for everyone.  Nothing does.

Check out all of the VigRX Plus testimonials too. 

It’s not the cheapest male enhancer out there by any means, but I know that I am more than happy to pay a little bit extra for something that does what it is supposed to do.  Matter of fact, just click on the banner down below and it will take you right to the official site.

Good luck out there,

Victor Mayfield


Top Rated Breast Enlargement Pills, Creams, and Exercises

Is there a natural way to get bigger breasts?

Many women wonder if there is a way to increase their breast size naturally.  There are in fact a number of different breast enhancing creams, lotions, and even pills that are purported to do the job.

The following video explains some facts about what is available, including some ideas on breast enlargement exercises that you can follow if you are wondering how to get bigger breasts without resorting to surgery.

The Top Rated Natural Breast Enhancement Program

If the idea of using an all natural breast enhancing cream or lotion appeals to you, then we recommend you check out a breast enhancing program called Total Curve.

breast enlargement cream

Total Curve Breast Enlargement

The Total Curve program when followed as directed helps the majority of women who use it to increase their breast size by a substantial amount in less than sixty days.

The company has a generous money back guarantee that you can use if you feel that the product didn’t help you to achieve your goals after trying their small breast solutions product.

The truth is that the only thing that works 100% of the time for every women to increase their breast size is surgery, but many cannot afford it or don’t want to deal with the risks and potential scars involved with a bad operation.

Total Curve knows that the product doesn’t work the same for everyone so they are more than happy to let you try it and see for yourself if it will give you the results you desire.

The program consists of all three things mentioned in the video.  Pills, a Lotion or Gel, and Exercises.  It is a total breast enlargement program that most women see results from in less than 60 days.

Is Total Curve better than Breast Actives?

While every woman will respond a bit differently to each product, by all accounts far more women are getting the results they want from Total Curve than from other breast enlargement products.  Not only does Total Curve have the tools you need to enhance your breast tissue they really do teach you how to grow your breasts.

With this program teaching you how to increase your breast size in a natural way you will feel better about yourself and not be frequently thinking about whether or not you should resort to surgery to make your breasts bigger.

Another benefit of taking the natural supplement that is part of this program reported by many users is that their sex drive improves and they have far less vaginal dryness

While all of these things may seem in many ways “too good to be true” they are a noted fact reported by many women.  The company makes no absolute guarantees of course and that is why they have a very generous money back guarantee if you feel it is not providing the results you are looking for.

Far and away this product is becoming known as the best all natural breast enhancement cream, and the cream is just one part of the 3 part program for enlarging your breasts naturally.  It’s important to realize that the pills and the exercises are an integral part of it too.

Click on the banner below and you will be taken directly to the Total Curve website where you can get all of the facts on how this special cream and proprietary breast enlargement herbs work to enlarge your breasts.

Why I Love These Adam and Eve Coupons

I know it’s not everyone’s kind of thing, but after I used an Adam and Eve coupon for the first time to buy myself some fun toys I think that I may be addicted to the site.

adameve 2013 promo

You can save a lot of money if you use the right promo code.

I was a little bit tentative at first to even visit the place, but after I went there and started to look around at all of the fun stuff they have I realized it was no big deal.

<<<<<< There’s A Good Coupon <<<< Over There <<< To The Left…

Maybe its because of my puritan upbringing that I am a bit shy about sexual things, especially sex toys, but after giving a couple of different ones a try I have decided that I am (for the most part) okay with exploring more of this side of my nature.

I had come across a 50% off coupon and that’s what compelled me to venture in to the site and take a look.  I was surprised at all of the real nice lingerie they have, and that was my first purchase.

After receiving the package and realizing that ordering this sort of thing over the internet is no big deal I went back and ordered a bunch more stuff.

adult products discount

They Take Care Of You

One of the nice things about this company is that they really know how to take care of their customers.  They have been in business for a long time and have lots and lots of happy customers.  Maybe it’s because they make it real enticing to go back and get toys and stuff what with all of the different promotional and discount codes you can use that they often provide with the order you receive in the mail (discreetly of course).


My Puritan upbringing caused me to be shy about these kinds of things.

I’ve Been Married A Long Time

I have been married for over fifteen years and my husband and I have never had so much fun in bed now that I was bold enough to venture out and get some of the very interesting “adult products” that are so easy to buy from these guys.

He had started taking a natural male enhancement supplement to boost his libido and boy did it ever work.  It seemed that he was almost always horny, and while I wanted to be too, it seemed like a lot of work at times to keep up with his desires, so I started taking a female libido booster called Provestra and while it doesn’t make me as horny as the vigrx does for my husband it seems to have helped me quite a bit.

Weird Tools?

My girlfriends have been talking about the different kinds of tools that they have used for years and I was always embarrassed when they talked about that kind of stuff, but once I got one for myself I realized that there is a certain part of me that really likes this sort of thing.  Not that I use it every day, but every now and then when the kids are at school and the house is quiet I find that it can be very liberating even though it still seems a bit naughty.

Not A Big Deal

I know it should seem like no big deal, and its really not, but maybe the part of me that still feels that this sort of thing is taboo is the thing that makes it all that more exciting.  I think that the first day that I was bold enough to go to the site and use the coupon with the promo code was the start of something new for me, and I like it.

Sheila McCarthy

(thanks Victor for publishing my article!)

AdamEve 50% OFF One Item coupon code, promo codes

Adam and eve promo codes 2013, AdamEve 50 off, 50 percent codes.

Is GenF20 Plus HGH Releaser Any Good? HGH Reviews

genf20 plus hgh releaser

GenF20 Plus HGH Releaser

I am taking some time to do a review of this GenF20 HGH Releaser and alleged anti aging supplement to see if in fact people are getting the benefits that it purports to provide.

Lets first take a look at what HGH is and why a supplement to help your body release more of it might or might not be a good thing.

What Is HGH?

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone.  It is a natural substance that your body produces, and it comes from the pituitary gland. This is one of the substances that the body manufactures that helps to provide youthful energy, and a high metabolism.

Those with a high metabolism generally have no problem with unwanted weight gain, a low libido, sagging skin due to the “natural effects of aging”, and a whole host of other things (problems?) that naturally occur as we age.

Isn’t HGH Illegal?

Many people have heard about athletes getting into trouble for taking HGH.

It is important to not confuse a product like GenF 20 which is something that helps your body to naturally produce or release it with the chemically manufactured or synthetic products that aim to fool the body into thinking it has more of the substance.

It makes sense that anything that is “synthetic” or “chemical” in nature will only at best help with short term gains and at worst cause a whole host of bad things to happen to the body over time.  As you might imagine, synthetic versions of HGH and other “performance enhancers” such as steroids or manufactured testosterone(s) are more than likely to cause health problems in an individual even if only taken for a short period of time.

How Does an HGH Releaser like GenF20 Work?

Rather than getting an injection directly in order to take advantage of the benefits that more HGH in the body can provide, there has been developed some proprietary techniques and discoveries made in the formulation of pill or tablet type supplements that help the body to stimulate the pituitary gland in a natural way.

When your pituitary gland secretes more HGH in and of itself it is just the way nature intended.

What About Side Effects?

While some lesser formulations of HGH releasers have in the past reported some side effects, there have been no side effects reported from anyone taking GenF20 which is produced in a GMP certified lab.

Whether you decide to try GenF20 or another HGH releaser product, this is one thing to watch out for.   There have been plenty of scams and products that have hurt people coming from companies overseas with non-certified labs and manufacturing facilities.

This new techniques have created the tablet supplement that uses a formula to trigger and stimulate the pituitary gland to produce and secrete more HGH itself. The HGH goes into your body just as nature intended, in other words, through the glandular system — just as it did when you were in your 20s!

Are The Benefits Gained Worth the Money?

Most people who take a supplement like GenF20 feel it is more than worth the money due to all of the benefits they feel they get from it.  Some people don’t seem to respond as well as others so it is important to buy from a company that offers a no questions asked money back guarantee if you find that the supplement isn’t providing you the results you expect.

It is important to keep in mind that things can take some time, so don’t give up too soon.

HGH supplements have become a popular way for older adults to help maintain a good physique including lower levels of body fat which in and of itself has numerous other benefits.

If you agree to HGH injections or if you regularly take HGH supplements such as GenF20™, you will then likely see a reduction in body fats. Studies show that aging men and women who are taking HGH supplements can see as much as a ten percent reduction in this area.

If you want to reduce facial and other skin wrinkles and fine lines and avoid a trip to the cosmetic surgeon it may be something you want to see if it will work for you.

If your hair is thinning or turning more gray than you would like then an HGH releaser will more than likely help in this area.

If your muscles are thinning out and no amount of weight lifting or exercise seems to help and you feel like your body is slowly withering away then it is probably more than worth the money to try a product like this.

Other purported benefits of the GenF20 Plus HGH Releaser are:

  • Helps to normalize blood pressure.
  • Helps to provide a feeling of calmness.  If you are prone to panic attacks then this is definitely a huge benefit.
  • Lessens anxiety and stressful feelings.
  • Improved sexual vigor and desire for sex.
  • Improved mental alertness and other brain functions.
  • Improved vision.
  • Sleep better at night.

The above are the benefits most noted by those who take a supplement that helps the body to release more HGH.  There are plenty more of course.  The benefits gained will more often than not depend on the individual and their current health condition at the time of beginning a regimen of HGH releaser.

So… Is GenF20 Plus HGH Releaser any good?

By all accounts, from user testimonials to various doctor endorsements, it seems that this product is one of the best on the market.  While it is not the cheapest by any means, it seems that it is well worth the money.

You can find out everything you could possibly ever want to about the product by clicking the banner down below and you will be taken directly to the GenF20 website.  There you can see all of your ordering options, money back guarantee, user as well as doctor testimonials and more.

Check it out.  Click the banner below.

Trivaxa Labs Review – Bogus Sex Pills?

In this short Trivaxa Labs review we’ll take a look at why a lot of people feel that these sex pills are just another bogus male enhancement promotion.

After doing several different internet searches about Trivaxa Labs LLC and their alleged team of professionals by name we could not find anything on the internet to support their claims.

We could not find any information about the ingredients of these supplements, any actual user testimonials that could be verified, or anything about any of their experts they claim helped develop the pills.

Rather than going into all of the details, we recommend you check out this Trivaxa Review over at Reviewers Facts.  We could not have said it better ourselves.

If you prefer, you can also find a syndicated copy of the same review on the USFA site that is titled Trivaxa male enhancement pills another scam?

There are many things in those articles that you can be on the look out for whenever you get any libido enhancement promotions in the mail, or when considering buying anything of this sort on the internet.

For further guidance on the matter, check out our post titled Male Enhancement Reviews.   It is a good guide for things to be aware of, the scams, tricky wording in promotional material, etc.

It seems that many of these companies move around a lot.  They will take the same pills, repackage them with a new label and pawn them off on the unsuspecting and the gullible, and they will never tell you if there have been any side effects reported.  Most of the time you won’t find them telling you what the ingredients are either.  Usually you can’t find out until you get them in the mail, as every supplement sold in the USA has to show the ingredients on the label.

Be careful out there.  Do your homework, and only deal with companies that have been around for a while.  There are some excellent all natural male enhancement products and pills available and many men have found a natural solution to their low libido and sex drive, but usually only after wasting money on dubious products from companies that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Does Phero-Game = Phero-Shame?

Victor Mayfield is at it again in another excellent male enhancement review of Phero-Game.   He pulls no punches in this run down, (more like run over!) of the latest product being promoted to enhance sex appeal and the libido of guys searching for a legitimate product.

By: Victor Mayfield

I took a look at the Phero-Game male enhancement product promoted by Doctor Andrew Marcus today. I am pretty sure you can’t trust and believe everything this company is saying, and I’ll tell you why in this review.

Whenever I get a promotion like this in the mail, the first thing I do is start doing some internet research.

When I searched for Dr. Andrew Marcus, Andrologist and Oncologist, I could not find him. There are plenty of other doctors by the same name spread across the country, but I could not find one that is a licensed Andrologist or Oncologist.

I would think that if a guy has 46 years of “medical experience” as stated in their promotional literature you’d be able to find him on the internet. That’s the first red flag for me.

If you do a search for the guy and add “Pherogame” or “Phero-Game” to the search you don’t get any matching results to come up either. Matter of fact… the website for the company does not come up either.

Seems very strange, don’t you think?

One thing I will say is that the promotional literature is very well put together. So well in fact that many guys will be fooled into thinking this is a legitimate company and product. Now I don’t know if their products will do what they say they will. I have not tried them, and I don’t intend to try them either.

There are a couple of other things they claim that don’t add up either.

They are guaranteeing that within 110 seconds after taking just one of their blue pills you will get an erection. Sheesh… even I am not so stupid to think that any “pill” can do that. Even the best prescription meds take longer than that. Besides, the body doesn’t process substances in pill form that fast. That’s strike two for me.

They also included a flyer that purports to be a copy of an article from a leading men’s health magazine. This magazine is supposed to be called Men’s Sexual Health Magazine. The article is allegedly written by a Myriame R Bender. Yep… you guessed it. I could not verify that either of them exist! It seems to all be made up! Try a internet search yourself, you’ll see what I mean.

This seems like downright shady promotion to me. I don’t know how these scam artists get away with it. It really pisses me off.

I won’t even get into all of the other things about their claims, their “green pheromone pill”, their “testimonials”, the fact that they don’t tell you the ingredients of the product, etc. Just what I have noted above scares me off. I can’t verify one thing about the Phero-Game Research Institue or their product, other than that they have a real cheesy website with an order form on it.

From past experience with companies like this I bet that website won’t be up for long, and nobody is going to get their money back after the product doesn’t work for them.

Does anything work?

I do have personal experience with a product that works for me though. That product is VigRX Plus. Maybe you have heard about it. This is a product that has been around for many years, is an all natural male enhancer, and many, many, guys have given their own testimonials of the effectiveness of the product.

VigRX Plus is priced in line with other natural male enhancement products that work. It is not the cheapest one out there for sure, but I am willing to pay for performance. Isn’t that what guys who need a little bit of libido enhancement want?  Sex pills that actually work?

You can get as much information about the product as you could possibly want by clicking the banner I put down below. You can check out the ingredients, the money back guarantee, the testimonials, the Real doctor statements, the double blind clinical studies, and much more.

So if you want to see if VigRX will work for you, click the banner below and check it out. If you don’t get the results you are looking for I can assure you that you won’t have any trouble getting your money back. Victor Mayfield

Male Enhancement Reviews

Whenever you are reading a male enhancement review you should do so with a critical mind.  This one included.

The reason as you might suspect, is that someone is usually trying to sell you something, and many libido enhancement product companies will not only stretch the truth when telling you how great their product is, they will outright lie about it.

There are many different kinds of sneaky marketing tactics used by these product promoters.  You can read about some of them in an article I wrote for E-Zine articles here.

What makes a good review?


As any good product promoter knows, a good product review will include testimonials.  The thing about testimonials is that they can easily be (and many times are) faked.  If you look real close at the fine print (if they have any) you will many times find the disclaimer.  It will say something like, “for entertainment purposes only”, or “testimonials made by actors  who were compensated”, or something like that.

What you want to look for in a legitimate product review is lots and lots of testimonials.  A lot of testimonials is a good indication that the product does in fact have many happy customers.  It is also good to see some customers that are not all that happy with the product, or that it did not give them the results they wanted.

Having some negative reviews will give you an indication that the company knows that their product will not work for everyone, and that’s okay.  It doesn’t mean that you should not try the product for yourself though.

You might also want to spend some time doing a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search for the product.   If the male enhancer is any good you should find literally dozens of people saying so.  If you are doing a search and you find almost nothing about the product, or the company selling it doesn’t even have a website of their own, then caution is in order.

Expert Opinions from Higher Authorities

Any of the good male enhancement reviews will have a real and legitimate spokesperson, oftentimes a doctor.  This should be a doctor, scientist, or expert in the field that you can easily locate some information about on the internet.

Many of the sneaky marketers will fill their literature with pages and pages of “doctors” and “scientists” that don’t exist.  This is why it is important to take some time and do your research.  Don’t let fancy multi-color brochures and web pages distract you from what it is that you truly are looking for.

Expert opinions and celebrity endorsements from people you know, or at least can find out something about are important.  These people would not attach their name to something that is a scam because their reputation is at stake.  That is probably the most important thing to keep in mind about that.

What about Money Back Guarantees?

Of course most products these days come with some sort of guarantee, but this is another area where you need to read the fine print.  Any sex pill, all natural male enhancement product, or any other product for that matter should have an explicit and easy to understand guarantee.

I often get literature in the mail that at first glance seems as though it would be easy to get my money back if I am not delighted.  On closer inspection though, the terms of the guarantee are nearly impossible for me to meet.  If you have to send a letter in the mail, or provide proof in some way that it didn’t work for you then forget it.  The product most likely won’t work and they know it.

This is another thing you should look for when doing your internet research.  Are there complaints from many people?  Are people saying that the company won’t return their phone calls?  Do they say that they have been promised their money back, but they have not received anything?  These are the things to look for.

No company is going to have 100% of their customers happy, but any good one will do everything they can to resolve any issues.  After all, just one unhappy customer or client could cost them many thousands if not millions of dollars.

The bottom line when reading any sort of male enhancement reviews is to do so with a critical mind, and to take the time to investigate whether what you are reading is true.  It is really easy to do by using the internet.  If you look for the things I mentioned above you should be safe 99% of the time.  I still get burned every once in a while, but it is usually only when I make a quick and emotional decision, and those kind of decisions are usually the ones that I regret.

Good Luck out there.

Victor Mayfield

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