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Rexbull Enhancement Pills Update – June 2013

I originally published the Rexbull review below over two years ago and it seems that they are still at it – scamming people. 

Rexbull pills image

Rexbull’s newest promotion says they just came to the USA, but it appears they’ve been ripping people off for years with this kind of promotion.

New comments from ripped off customers in the comments section.  I knew something was funny with this company

– that’s why I originally published my thoughts

– it seems my thinking about the scammy nature of this company and product are still valid today.  Good Luck out there.  Victor M.


I have been receiving these REXBULL male enhancement pills promotions in the mail for quite some time now and decided it was time to do a review of what I think about this product.

What really pisses me off with this kind of promotion is that it comes off in a way that makes me feel like the company doing the promotion thinks that I am stupid.

Am I really going to believe that “Just two REXBULL tablets or pills is all I need to immediately get a 9 incher within 30 seconds”?  And why would I want to have indestructible sexual fury of a wild bull in the first place?  Even if I did I certainly think that it is going to take more than 30 seconds after taking “just two tablets”.

Furiously Devastating?  In 30 Seconds?

What is in the tablets anyway? I suppose I might become “furiously devastating” within 30 seconds if I drank some gasoline!  Is that what is in them?  No, it’s, well…  Taurine.  And not just Taurine, it’s 100% Taurine according to their literature.  They don’t say what else is in the product though.  That’s also a big red flag to me.

My Rexbull Research

I decided to do some quick research on this Taurine stuff.  Here is what I found at Wikepedia.  If you don’t want to read up on it yourself, I can tell you that there is nothing there that even suggests that it can help with your libido.

I also did some research about this Rexbull company that has a mailing address in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, and Doctor Greg Armstrong as noted in the Rexbull literature. 

I also spent some time doing deeper research into some of the other wild claims made about the product and I could not find anything other than some Better Business Bureau complaints about the company.

They do (or did) have their own website, but it is just a copy of the fancy literature they send out in the mail with an order page.

They don’t even supply telephone number that you can call for customer service – only to order….  We’ve already received some complaints from guys who couldn’t figure out how to get their money back from them after finding that the product didn’t work like they said it would – and especially from those who never even received the stuff.

My Final Rexbull Conclusions

Personally I’d stay away from this stuff.  That’s my review of REXBULL.

They seem to be a lot like a lot of the scam type Male Enhancement Product Promoters out there.  Do your research and find a reliable male enhancer from a company that has some real clinical research behind it.

If you are having low libido issues, spend your time reviewing male enhancement products that have REAL customer testimonials about the benefits of the product being promoted, and be sure that the company has a genuine 100% money back guarantee on the product if you find that you are not happy with the results.

Is There Anything I Can Trust?

I personally have gotten excellent results from VigRX Plus.  This is a company and a product that you can trust, and while it isn’t a product that everyone gets spectacular results from, (no product works for everyone) the majority of guys who take it seem to be more than happy with it.

You could also check out Semenax pills which can help you to increase ejaculate volume and thus pleasure.

VigRX Plus is certainly not the cheapest male enhancement pill available, but judging from all of the testimonials they have received over the years it seems the majority are more than pleased with the results it provides.

They are an easy company to work with, have many ordering options, and if you are not happy with the product they make it real easy to return it and get your money back.

Click on the banner to their site down below and you just might find that VigRX Plus is just the thing you have been looking for.

image of vigrx plus pills

About Victor Mayfield

Author Victor Mayfield writes about all natural products and natural health supplements.
He likes to provide honest reviews and opinions about what works and what doesn't.

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  1. i paid for rexbull over 6weeks ago and i have not received them or heard from them so save your money.

  2. I pay my pills but did not recieve them yet. Does anybody know the phone number for them? I think I’ve been scammed.

  3. i ordered rexbull and have not received my order yet either. Ordered with a money order a month ago guess i got ripped off as well

  4. Just call me stupid I ordered that product Rexbull I paid for the best offer. Its been about a month and I still haven’t received the product or heard anything from them. As my concerns grew I went back to the ad they sent me only to find that there is no way to contact them to see why things are taking so long or to see if they just ripped me off. Usually I pay with a credit card but this time I used a money order. I guess you can’t trust everyone. JB

  5. Ordered the one month supply a month and a half ago still no order nor no way to contact by phone or email. I paid by check. guess I got scammed out of fifty bucks. Scumbags. Don’t waste your money on these Rexbull pills.

  6. i ordered rexbull about a month ago and have not received my order yet. well guess you guys can make room for me in that boat too. i was smart enough to not use a money order.

  7. I just got the Rexbull literature today. a phone # is conspicuously missing. No website, no phone number is a big red flag to me. I suggest you contact the city attorney AND the NJ attorney general, sounds very much like a scam to me.

    Now VigRX I believe it is, has a live operator and a website. I think I would trust them long before I would trust Rexbull who has only one way to contact them and that is by mail. Might want to have someone investigate this address; Rexbull
    798 Woodlane Road, Suite 10
    Mt. Holly, NJ 08060-2300

    NJ seems to be a manufacturing haven for mail order, so I would be VERY suspicious. I know I will throw their literature away post haste!

  8. I knew something was wrong when my husband gave me the Rexbull literature, no contact phone if you had a question.

  9. Test Pilot says:

    I am a 84 year old weight lifter and in very good health. But nothing seems to work to bring my penis to the working stage.
    My would I except your product to work for me?
    God Bless

  10. Thanks for visiting Test Pilot. I can’t really say that VigRX Plus will work for you. I know that it works for me, almost too good at times and I have to stop taking it for a while. I am not here to tell you that VigRX works for everyone, it does not, but most of the guys who take it get good results.

    The company and product have been around for a long time and they have a very generous money back guarantee if you find that it doesn’t do for you what you want.

    It is not cheap and you DO NOT get results in just a day or two, it seems to take a while to build up in your system. When I started taking it, I noticed results after about 10 days, but some guys say they get results sooner and others later.


  11. Note: The following was submitted by a reader of this blog. I have not checked out the reliability of this information. Please not that the following information is ONLY FOR THE COMPANY (or one of the companies) THAT IS SENDING OUT THE REXBULL LITERATURE AND NOT THE PEOPLE BEHIND REXBULL ITSELF, as far as I know. Victor M.


    For those of you that do not have an available number for the scam!!! Cheers.
    TCA Mailing
    400 Gotham Parkway Carlstadt NJ 07072 (201) 460-1810
    Also A&E Mailers 126 W 4th St, Plainfield, NJ 07060 (908) 754- 1778
    T Clements & Associates

    Tim Clements
    908-812-2272 cell

    Danny Miller
    Operations Manager

    Manny Galiano
    VP Data Operations

    Patricia Woolley
    Sales/Creative Services
    908-812-0712 cell

    RexBull better make this right with the folks fast that call, or I can make them “real” famous.

  12. Jim Wilson says:

    Ordered this product over a month ago and guess what? Yep, no product or answer from this company. I suppose I am as stupid as I look.

  13. I ordered this product over 6 weeks ago and nothing from company as yet. I should have looked into this frist before ordering. Someone should give this company a visit that lives in NJ lets have some help from someone from NJ to ckeck out this scam company and help out some people that works for thier money and can’t afford to throw it away to some scumbags.

  14. This is really interesting, You are an overly skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look ahead to looking for more of your fantastic post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks I used to have this problem also few years ago and i am so glad i got myself a solution…





  16. Victor Mayfield says:

    Hey P.C.,

    It is disgusting how many people that Rexbull seems to have scammed out of their hard earned money.

    In the comment just above yours is some information submitted by a reader.

    I have not done any research on whether or not you will be able to get in touch with who you need to in order to obtain a refund.

    Perhaps it is time for all those who have not received the product that they ordered to contact the Better Business Bureau and go from there.

  17. rodney burke says:

    Yeah I have also noticed how NJ is a haven for mail order, must be the tax law. There are entirely too many mail order companies in that state that don’t give such things at Websites and phone #s.

    I will NOT order Rexbull, too many red flags. VigRX seems to be popping up everywhere I look and with positive results. If you have a good fireplace, the Rexbull literature makes good kindling? Or just shred it up in disgust!

  18. I ordered Rexbull back in Nov. Been getting the literature for a while now and even though the claims were preposterous (“8in within 30 sec!” or some such) I thought, what the hell and ordered. It took about 6 weeks but I finally got my pills. Some of these kinds of pills seem to pop my blood pressure up (not on medication or supposed to be) but this didn’t even do that, in fact it did nothing at all (big surprise). Now I even got a new letter/ad that states it is a 30 day money back guarantee – I remember the first one being much longer.

  19. If a mail order company will not take American Express it is a red flag to me. If you do not receive your product, file a dispute with the credit card company. Amex co will do your fighting for you. Visa and MC will try to find a way to show it was your fault.

  20. Randy Jordan says:

    I ordered REXBULL over a month ago via money in-order to trace. I have been scammed and reporting it to BBB, at and local consumer advocate. I did research and founded the product was produced in Germany. It’s a lesson well learned always check to see if there is a phone or email if none just trash it. I won’t let this go without a fight just imagine all the disappointed people such as myself. I want the government to get involved ASAP. If you have facebook join me let make this viral against the company.

  21. This company is a BIG scam. Everything they tell you is a BIG lie, and forget about getting your money back. I have been waiting for over a month. You have a better chance of getting an erection taking an aspirin. Companies like this need to be put out of business, and I wish there was someone out there that could protect us from these disgusting people that prey on us.

  22. paul blakley says:

    I got this ad today about rexbull it sounded great, decided to check it out. No one liked it an said it did not work at all. glad i checked it out. they prey on desperate guys… shame shame

  23. clay livdahl says:

    Ordered rexbull on feb 21. check cleared my bank Mar 8. NOTHING! NO PHONE #, NO E-MAIL ADDRESS, NO PRODUCT. I AM REPORTING THIS A FRAUD TO THE BBB TODAY!

  24. DO NOT BUY FROM Rexbull, 798 Woodlane Rd, ste 10, PMB #391, Mt Holly, NJ 808060-2300.

    I bought Rexbull 3 weeks ago, and received a package last week. What I received was NOT the product I ordered. The ad stated Rexbull contained pure taurine, maca, and quarancho (something or other)… The add shows a bottle, which would identify the ingredients, directions, and country where it was made.

    What I recieved was three perferable packets with 20 tablets each with no markings or trademarks, and a piece of paper listing ingredients other than those advertised.

    I took two capsules, and they did nothing for me.
    Since what I received was not from a respected manufacture, I’m concerned that they sold me junk made in China and that this is an illegal operation. See BBB complaints:

    I should have considered the fraud red flags: no website, no telephone number;… and next time I’ll check the BBB for complaints.

  25. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I’ve really loved surfing around your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

  26. Stephen B. says:

    Instead of receiving the 120 pills of 100% Taurine, Maca, and Quegracho Maco –I received 120 pills of Pumpkin Seed Concentrate, Pygeum Bark, Lycopene, Saw Palmetto, Plant Sterol Complex, Nettle Root Extract, and Rosemary Leaf.

    I would not mind that it did not work, but at least give me the ingrediants that I ordered that were in the papers sent to me that I ordered from.

  27. At age 72 and alone not much helps but would still enjoy a self-induced climax now and then. I was not expecting all the claims made in the mailing but thought it might help. I have tried Maxidus which does help as does the drug varieties but expensive. I sent a check on May 15 and have not received anything. I thought that it may be taking longer to clear my check first but the check has never cleared. After reading all the posts I am thinking they are just accumulating credit card numbers and bank accounts for their own use later. Keep a watch on your accounts. I am going to my credit union tomorrow and if the check has not cleared, I am stopping payment. Stupid is as stupid does!!

  28. Victor Mayfield says:

    Hey Ronald,

    Thanks for the comment. Your experience with Rexbull sounds very similar to the many other people who have commented here.
    Excellent advice regarding keeping an eye on your financial accounts.

  29. John Rau says:

    Same story, different penis… Several weeks to get product, product can packaged differently than advertised, and no stiffy. No wild reload, no thickening, swelling, nor mind numbing climax. The only thing that was mind numbing was that I got duped big time. Thankfully, I bought only the 30 day supply, just in case.

  30. S Tucker says:

    Hello, hey guys I got a small box of the rexbull product,with about 100 tablets and I got them after about a month, but I did get them. The only thing is,they don’t work for me. I got a reasonable size but I wanted the 10 incher but I guess it won’t happen with this product. I payed $82 bucks, maybe someone else can benefit from them. Like Viagra didn’t work for me but Cialis dose, I don’t know why but that’s it.

  31. I too got caught up in Rexbull’s scam. Out my money – no way to contact them to get it back.

  32. I’m going to check it out. Thanks.

  33. You are welcome Wally.

  34. Gerald M. says:

    This is really interesting – and all of these Rexbull comments – my God what a scam they seem to be pulling off.

    Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

  35. Beware of advertisments you receive in the mail. Before you buy google it and find out whats really going on. I’ve done that plenty of times before I purchase a product. You’ll be surprised how mant scams are going on just to get your $$$$$$$$’s

  36. I’ve tried vigrx, maxpene Ryvalis and Enduros, stallion none do anything but take your money and make getting a refund very difficult.
    May as well take a vitamin combination and get same results, maybe better!
    I’m not small or unable…just wanted that 12 inches many brag about 🙂
    Oh well we can dream.

  37. Have been reading many of the testimonies from many that got scammed.
    Got REXBULL order form in front of me
    The order # on it is 1(800) 407-8618
    HOPE IT HELPS YOU ALL because you helped me save my $$$$$

  38. raymond t says:

    i ordered rexbull on first of may and like all the comments i gesse were all screw

  39. Victor is right people. Stop believing the hype being promoted to you via the USPS. You don’t have to buy what he recommends, but at least follow his suggestion to check out the company you are dealing with before sending them money.

  40. I too have not been able to get a refund from Rexbull.

  41. Just received the Rexbull adds in the mail. According to them the best product on the market. Glad I read this. Otherwise I would have lost money too. They gave me 800-407-8618 to order. They answered Rexbull when I triedthe number. Good luck to you all on getting your $$$ back. And thanks for saving mine!

  42. You are welcome Gunnar. Thanks for visiting and providing the current phone number for Rexbull. Some websites are saying that Rexbull is not being promoted or sold anymore, but it appears they are still at it – the promotion part anyway.

    Victor M.

  43. I found Rexbull to be a Great product. I ordered it on Monday and by Friday I had the pills in my hands, ready for the weekend.
    I’ve been having problems with ED for quite some time now so I decided to take a double dose. WOW…
    They PROMISED 9 INCHES IN 30 SECONDS. I got 18 inches in 27 seconds. (yes I times it). And the girth was, let’s say Coke Can size.
    I must admit there are some drawbacks to this: I cannot wear pants. My wife will not come near me, (even to bring me a beer). Even my dog won’t come into any room I’m in, (just lays in the doorway and growls).
    I can’t even sit in my Lazy-Boy and watch TV. It’s like watching the game from behind a waving pole.
    And then there is the problem of going any where in the house. Every time I turn around I’m knocking things down.
    And using the bathroom. Well the walls needed painting again anyway, and the wall paper was old. I couldn’t even close the shower door so now the floor is soaked.
    Then the bedroom. Accidentally slammed it in the closet door, cleaned off the top of my dresser, and then in bed I’m reminded of all those nights as a Boy Scout camping out.
    Around 2am I remembered that “If a Erection lasts more than 4 Hours, See a Doctor”.
    Do you know it’s impossible to turn a corner in your car with erection poking up through the steering wheel like “The Club Steering Wheel Lock”. And Police, Firemen and Paramedics have a hard time controlling their laughter when their supposed to be there to HELP YOU.
    And No. I didn’t order any Rexbull. I checked out this web page and decided I was right, it’s a scam.
    But after reading lots of posts, I decided to lighten up the atmosphere.
    So Good Job Victor.

  44. Thanks Gary,

    I got a good laugh and I’m sure everyone else will too.

    Thanks for taking the time to lighten up our day.


  45. On 10/17/13 – I placed a RexBull Ord# 19235176 … and I requested a email Receipt and was assured by Katlin that I would get a receipt of my RexBull order. I never got any receipt. My bank paid he credit card transaction within 24-hours of the order placement. The customer service 866-434-6600 is useless, as is the 1-800-407-8618 number. Do I have to file w/ … to get results and direct answers on my questions ?

    All I’ve gotten from Rexbull customer service & order departments is a run-around, and when in frustration i said, “… bullsh** …” the representive said if I continued cursing he would disconnect me. Wow … Yet all he did give me was a run-around and ‘bullsh**’ that was useless. No telephone number or email. One person said just log onto and go the the bottom of the page and click on ‘order info’ or something like that. Guess what doesn’t work … it was just more ‘Bull—-‘

    …and by the way the sales people signed me up for ‘Value Plus’ and told me I had 14-days to cancel … so 14days later, today, I canceled so I would not be again charged for something that I never received.

    Sound Familiar ?

    Sincerely Yours
    Allen R.

  46. Bill McGee says:

    Just put my order in the mail box. Then found this on my laptop. When to the mail box, took the order out, torn it up and put it in the trash can on the way back in the house. Thanks to every one for the information. Saved me money. I have been using Vicerex for a long time an it works most of the time as far as getting an erection, but the erection doesn’t last but just a very few short mintues. Any suggestion out there.
    Bill M.

  47. Normally I do not learn much by reading articles on blogs, but I would like to say that
    this write-up compelled me (my husband actually) to avoid falling into the Rexbull – Now the Rexbull – rx2 scam.

    Thanks Victor!

  48. A King says:

    Rexbull is showing a new mailing address with a new phone #1-800-407-8618 listed for free gift w/order Hope this helps.

  49. Victor,

    I can tell that you have been around the block a time or two. I almost fell for this Rex Bull scam too, but glad I found your page and all of the comments.

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