Power Up Labs Male Enhancer Pill – Can You Trust It?

Curious to find out if the new Mens Power Up Labs male enhancement pill is any good?  Take a look at the latest Power Up Labs review by Victor Mayfield right here and decide if it’s right for you.

By Victor Mayfield

power up male enhancement

Power Up makes big claims – but nothing seems to add up. photo credit flickr.com

I have been doing male enhancement reviews for quite a long time now and this latest mailing from MensPowerUp.com really takes the cake.

Power Up Review

If you are anything like me you get promotions like this in the mail fairly often.  Somehow along the way I, (and probably you) ended up on someones mailing list and our names got sold, passed around, and every male enhancement product provider is trying to hawk us the latest and greatest new pill that will for sure, “this time”, solve all of our problems.

I really find it interesting that most of the time when I take a close look at what they are really saying they aren’t saying anything at all.  It is all promotion.

Product promotion like this is all words with nothing to back it up.  Lots of beautiful women, some amazing pictures of the biggest men you are likely to ever see anywhere, and often a bunch of made up testimonials, (if that).

The latest scam from Viarex?

This Men’s Power Up pill is just one of the latest from Viarex Labs out of Newhall California.  I have written about Viarex before, and I have never received even one positive testimonial from a happy customer.

I am starting to think that they just change the name of their product every six months.  A new fancy label on their bottle of pills, and a new label on their male enhancement cream, some slick new literature to send out in the mail, and a new website hanging off of the Viarex.com domain name.  (did you type MensPowerUp.com into your web browser?  Take a look at the URL that you end up at and you’ll see what I mean).

Does Power Up Male Enhancement work?

Look, I am not here to tell you that this Power Up Pill doesn’t work.  I don’t know.  I have not tried it.  If you do order it and it works for you I’d like to hear about it.  But when all that I see is a bunch of claims and nothing to back it up I tend to shy away from male enhancement products like this.

This Mens Power Up pill is supposed to do wonders for my libido with this amazing combination of ingredients, but they fail to tell me what those ingredients are!  I guess you have to send them your money and wait for the product to find out if anything in the pills will make you sick because you are allergic.

Another thing… These guys are claiming that Power-Up is manufactured and distributed by Power – Up Labs, Inc. which is supposedly the #1 manufacturer of all natural erection producing supplements in the entire USA.

Nothing To Back Up Their Claims

The thing about that statement is this…  I couldn’t find anything on the internet to back up that claim.  That seems really weird to me.  It makes me think they are lying.  And if they are lying about that, what else are they not being truthful about?

I also did some research to find out more about their Doctor Murry Green and I could not find any doctor by that name who I could link back to the company.  Strange don’t you think?

What Is A Proven Product That Works?

There are plenty of other male enhancement products that have been around long enough to have proven themselves for me to take a chance of something brand new.  For now I’ll be sticking with my VigRX Plus and staying away from this Power Up stuff.

I put a banner down below that you can click on and check out VigRX Plus to see if it is something you feel is right for you.

All the best, and good luck out there.

Victor M.

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