Male Enhancer Oils and Creams

When searching out what sort of male enhancer oils or creams to buy it pays to do your research.

Many guys have wasted countless dollars on worthless products from scam type companies that promise the world, but deliver nothing. 

Many times these companies are here today and gone tomorrow.  They might have offered a “100% money back guarantee”, but what good is it if they never honor it?  You can read about a variety of these scammers over at Reviewers Facts.

You can also find some good information about what to watch out for in the male enhancement reviews article right on this site.

Now that all of that is out of the way, Here are the top selling male enhancer creams and oils.

Keep in mind that this list is not the “be all – end all” for every guy.  Some of these might work for you and they might not, but rest assured that we have thoroughly vetted these companies and products.  You can trust that what they say in their guarantee they will honor.

These penis creams and oils have been around awhile and have many real testimonials from actual people who have received good service from the company, and are happy with the results they obtained by using them.

male enhancer oil

VigRX Male Enhancer Oil

VigRX Oil

This enhancer oil for men will not irritate a women’s vagina.  With its proprietary blend of natural ingredients VigRX Oil is rated at the top of our list.

This topical lubricant that you rub onto your penis works wonders for a lot of men.

As time goes on and new discoveries are made in the area of sexual health, sexuality, and the ways that the sexual nerves can be stimulated in a positive way, we are open to the possibility that there will be other products that top this list in the future.

But for now, and relying on all of the positive testimonials you can read on the VigRX Oil site , this one tops our list in the oil category.

maxoderm male libido enhancer cream

Maxoderm Enhancer Cream


The Maxoderm cream has proven itself over the years and has many positive reviews.

We could not find any reports of any kind of side effects as the result of using this one either.

This is one of the most popular male enhancers in the cream category, has been featured in Playboy and Maxim magazines, and has helped many men who don’t like to take any kind of supplement, whether natural sex pills or not, to enhance their libido.

Many guys just need a little bit of the stimulation that this male enhancer cream provides to get their engine roaring.  You can read many Maxoderm reviews, success stories, and testimonials as well.  It is also doctor endorsed.

prosolution male enhancer gel

ProSolution Male Enhancer Gel

ProSolution Gel

While not technically an oil or a cream, Prosolution Gel does fall into the same category of male enhancers as the above, since it is applied topically.

Many guys report that this penis gel really enhances feelings while their penis is being stimulated in all of the various ways that it can be.

While we don’t necessarily like the “in your face marketing” at the main company website, the results do speak for themselves.

If you are looking for an alternative erection enhancer this may be a good one for you to try.

While quite popular, it does not make the top of our list since it has not been around as long as the other ones, and time will tell whether this product can rise above other similar ones in this category.

Wrapping Up

It should be noted that any and all of the male enhancer oils, creams, and gels have been thoroughly vetted by us and you won’t have to worry about getting ripped off as far as not being able to get your money back if you choose to do so.

While some of these products do seem expensive at first it is important to remember that they are not just regular lotion.  They do have ingredients that help to stimulate the penis and provide better erection quality for most of the men who use them.

What Is The Best Male Enhancement

If you are like most guys (and women), then starting around the age of thirty five or so you started to notice a slight decline in your ability to perform in bed, and you start to think about how to improve your sex drive.  Five years later on you probably noticed what could be called more than a few “oh boy” moments.

It is in those moments that a man really realizes why there are all of those impotence advertisements all over the place.  Face it… you never really thought it would happen to you, did you?  From high school all the way to your mid thirties, nearly twenty years or so you could get it on at a moments notice and now… oh boy!

Your performance starts to suffer and you start to get a little bit anxious about it. The fear only feeds on itself and you pull back at times and then she starts to wonder if there is something wrong with her.

Let’s face it. Every woman wants to feel wanted.  Many of them have thoughts along the same line… as in “how to improve sex drive in women“?  If you cannot make her feel like you are really attracted to her in that way then your relationship will truly start to suffer.

So what to do? Perhaps you have already tried out one of those “free trial offers” and you probably noticed some sort of difference.  Maybe you went to your doctor and got a prescription for some of those special pills, but somehow you know that they are not really good for you.

They may help you to perform, but your lady probably feels that you are really over the top and maybe just a little bit too aggressive when you take them.  Not that she minds that sort of thing every now and then, but my god… few women want to be pounded in that way time after time.

Is there anything out there that can just get you back to where you want to be?

The truth is that there is.  There are natural herbal male enhancement products that won’t make you see blue, or give you blurry vision or even potential heart problems if you take them. The fact is that there is not just one magical product that works for every guy.

Everyone’s metabolism and general body structure is different and thus will respond to different male enhancers in different ways. Many times you won’t get any results.  That does not mean that none of them will work for you. It just means that you may have to try a few different ones out before you find what gets you back your steel libido. It all matters how important it is to you.

Many men are happy having a lower libido as they age.   It’s no big deal. A lot of guys find that they have other interests that they find just as much or more pleasure in. Think about how much time one would have to think about and do other things in life if you aren’t so fixated on sex all the time.

This is not to say that a mans sex drive leaves him completely, just that he does not have the desire to ejaculate every day, or even every week. It is all okay. There is great joy to be found in other things in life.

If not being able to ejaculate at least every day or two is not for you then you should know about some of the latest studies on some natural herbs for male enhancement.  These truly scientific studies have found that there is at least one herbal sex formula on the market that provides results equal to or even better than most if not all of the over the counter male enhancement products, and even the prescriptions for impotence cures products.

What I have found is that there are at least a couple of legitimate herbal male enhancement products out there.  The best one in my opinion is VigRXPlus.

VigrX has more real testimonials than any other product I know about. There are even published results of a scientific clinical study done about VigrX Plus. Can’t find any valid complaints about people not being able to get their money back if it does not work for them either.

Lets face it. There is not one product for enhancing the libido that is going to work across the board for every one. But if you are a guy on the hunt for something that will give you a little edge in the bedroom you should at least be able to try it and feel confident in getting your money back without delay or hassle if it is not working out for you. Right?

Take my advice. Wander around the site. Look at the studies, the testimonials, check out the guarantee, get your questions answered, even give them a call if you want. Don’t waste your money on products that are all hype and give no results.

Not only do some of these herbal formulas help a man to function better in bed by increasing his libido, they do it without all of the nasty side effects they are also incredible orgasm enhancers too.

You might find some free trial offers (or nearly free trials… just pay shipping) of male enhancement products out there.  I always wonder why it is that they are giving it away if it really works.  You just have to be aware of the terms of these offers.

Give VigRX Plus a try right away and see if it gives you results. If you like it then keep it, but if you do not like because you are not getting the results you hoped for then you need to call them right away and cancel and send the product back because they will charge you for it per the terms in the agreement.

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Male Enhancement Products – Options for Better Pleasure

There are plenty of male enhancement products  and sex enhancers out on the market today.  They can be seen in ads in magazines, heard on radio advertisements, as well as in television commercials.

However, when it comes to actually purchasing these items, many men are far too embarrassed to walk into a store and spend their time deciding which ones to select.  Therefore, it is important to know what sorts of options are available to you before you head into the store so you do not need to spend an inordinate amount of time there and run the risk of having someone see you mulling over your purchase.

Of course, the ingredients and various equipment that make up male enhancement products vary quite a bit.  Although some are more likely to work than others, the truth is that most virility pills to boost libido will work on at least some percentage of the population.

However, it is choosing the one that is right for your particular situation that is key when it comes to getting results and reading a good male sexual enhancement review goes a long way to helping you understand what may be right for you.

Some people simply want to increase width or length while others want to extend their amount of pleasure or the duration of their erection.  Therefore, it is important to assess what you are looking to get out of a male libido enhancer and then do a bit of research to find a suitable option.

Sex Pills and Patches

Just as what ingredients included in the products can be quite different, so can the delivery method.  Some of the best forms are herbs for male enhancement that come in pill form and even lately via patches, although the jury still seems to be out on those.  These offer a tremendous amount of convenience as they can be taken in any sort of setting without anyone knowing what you are doing.  These natural penis enhancers have proven to increase libido.

If the particular sex pill needs to be taken a certain number of hours before sexual activity, it is important to have an option that allows you to time your treatment correctly without interfering with your lifestyle.

Do Penis Extenders Work?

Another option would be a penis enlargement device.  These come in various shapes and styles, like penis pumps and stretchers yet require quite a bit of time and effort.  The good ones also cost a lot.  You can check out the Pro Extender System which is the top selling penis extender on the market today and see if it is something that you think will help you get a longer and thicker penis.

However, when it comes to increasing width and length, these are usually a much more popular option than pills and patches, (such as ProEnhance) which typically help only with stamina and pleasure.  However, these devices are oftentimes a much safer option as you are not ingesting anything.

Penis extenders do work to extend the penis given enough time and proper use, and your results will be better if you practice the proper penis exercises along with their use.  The exercises for your penis usually include the use of a lotion, cream, or oil to make the procedure more enjoyable.

What About Penis Creams, Oils, and Lotions?

There are probably as many different creams and oils that you can rub on your penis to increase virility as there are sex pills for men.  At least that is what every company that is promoting their libido enhancement cream will tell you anyway.  The truth it seems is that most of these products fall far short of providing the results most men are looking for.

There are two legitimate products that we have found with verifiable testimonials from real people, and both products have a 100% money back guarantee.   The top rated penis cream on the market today is Maxoderm, and the top rated sex oil is VigRX Oil.

Some men prefer these type of penis enhancers rather than having to ingest a supplement which may give them side effects like indigestion, heartburn, and the like.

For men who have a problem with premature ejaculation, or who simply want to last longer in bed there are desensitizing creams or lotions available. The problem with many of these products though is that even though they desensitize the penis making it possible for you to last longer in bed before ejaculation, they also can desensitize your partner too.

One cream that we have found that has proven to avoid the female desensitizing issue is Vivaxa.

So What Male Enhancement Products Provide The Best Results?

All of these types of male enhancers provide promise, you simply need to figure out which works best for you and your needs.  It is a frequent complaint from men that nothing seems to give them the results they want.  The truth is that there is no one cure all for every sex issue short of abstinence!

Some guys are looking for an increased libido, some want to last longer in bed, and many want to find something that will give them a bigger penis.  As much as most every manufacturer of sex pills would like you to think that their supplement will add inches to your member, they are usually basing their claims on the fact that your penis gets longer when it is erect rather than when it is flaccid.

There are other things too, like women attracting pheromones that can help you to up your game, but the bottom line is that if you need some help increasing your libido and you don’t find that prescription type products are your thing, then an all natural male enhancement product like VigRX Plus may be just the thing you need.

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