Erexia – Just Another Transdermal Libido Patch?

For those of you looking into libido boosting dermal patches you may want to watch out for Erexia.  This is one of the latest (supposed) male enhancers being promoted and sold by Fomdi.

An Erexia Review

I did an Erexia Review and posted it at  You can read the full review Here if you want.

For those who don’t want to read the whole thing – the following is a snippet of what I about them when researching the claims being made in their promotional literature:


Who’s The Expert Here?

Let’s start with their expert – Professor Jackson, or is it Doctor Jackson?  In the literature it says he’s a well known doctor and that he has studied male sexuality for 25 years – that’s nice – it would seem that he must know what he’s talking about.

I’m confused though, because first he says he is a doctor that works with his staff to test all new products that purport to help men with their problems, and at the end of the letter it is signed Professor Jackson.

Now I know that someone can be both a doctor and a professor, but why the confusion?  And why not tell us your first name and give us some other credentials so we can verify your claims?

Is Professor Jackson A Real Person?

Maybe you aren’t a real doctor.  Maybe you don’t really even exist!  There’s plenty of male enhancement product promotions using fake experts.  Most (but not all) of the male product reviews on this site point that out.  It’s just a sneaky marketing tactic. 


Take care out there,

Victor Mayfield

The Transdermal Patch and Natural Enhancement Patches, FAQ

The Seven Most Common Questions About

Transdermal Male Enhancement Patches

1)  “How exactly are these patches supposed to work.  ie. How can   they deliver the results to where I need it?”

In recent years many different kinds of medications particularly the pharmaceutical grade types have been put into these kinds of patches.  One of the most popular has been those that help people stop smoking.

The way that they work is that the ingredients in the patch are absorbed into and pass through the skin where they are taken up directly into the bloodstream.

This bypasses the digestive system so the ability to maintain proper dosages is quite often more accurate as compared to medicines in pill form that have to deal with not only all of the stomach acids, but whatever foods (and liquids) are already in the stomach.

The patches that are designed to help increase the libido will vary in terms of their exact ingredients and formulations, but the ones that get the most men the best results have a pretty large list of natural ingredients that are known to have beneficial effects for men in this regard.

The ingredients will often contain things that help increase the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone, improve blood circulation to the sexual organ as well as help to balance the hormones which helps along the lines of correcting the body’s natural chemistry to get a man back to a natural and healthy state where he can be “ready to go” so to speak, at a moments notice.

What you want to look for is products that fully and completely explain the exact purpose and intended effects for each of its ingredients. A statement from the manufacturer that the product is produced in a “certified laboratory” should go without saying.  Do not just purchase a product based on alleged “testimonials”.  There has been a fair amount of bad stuff coming from overseas.

2)  What about side effects?

For some men, and this quite rare, there can be some mild skin irritation where the transdermal patch is applied.  Most often these patches are used by guys because they tend to have stomach issues when using natural herbs for male enhancement in pill form.  As stated above use of a patch avoids the product from ever even entering the stomach.

3)  Do most men get results right away?

Short answer… No.  It generally takes up to two weeks for most guys to start noticing results and consistent use over the course of a month or two will give the most increase in desire and performance ability.

4)  Where do you put the patch on the body?

In most cases you put it on the lower abdomen, upper arm, or inner thigh.  Somewhere there is no hair.  If you are hairy all over then you should shave the area before you apply it.

5)  Is it possible to get these types of products privately to avoid potential embarrassment?

The best way to go about it is to order online.  No need to feel like a teenage girl buying tampons at the drugstore.  Just check with the company that you are ordering from that they ship discreetly.  A reputable company will take the necessary steps to be discreet on your behalf.

We recommend MaxiDerm (tm) (see banner below) because they are not only reliable, but are also great at privacy protection and the product delivers the results.

6)  What if the product does not work?  Can I get my money back?

Excellent question.  Any reputable supplier of male enhancement patches will always offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the results.  Just be sure you are using the product per the label instructions and give it time to work.  There is a small part of the population that does not seem to get any kind of results from any male enhancement product.

7)  Are there other things that I can do to help increase my libido?

If you are in the habit of smoking or drinking alcohol on a frequent basis then the first thing you many want to try is to cut back a little bit.  Getting some moderate exercise that increases your heart rate for five or ten minutes a few times a week will do wonders for your energy level as well as your libido.  Besides… any male enhancement product you decide to take (or any kind of supplement for that matter) will generally give you better and faster results if you improve your circulation by exercising a little more than you usually do.

More information regarding Herbs for Male Enhancement can be found starting from our Home Page.

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