How To Improve Low Libido and Sex Drive In Women

There has been recent success with some natural libido enhancers that help to improve women’s low libido and give them a better sex drive.

While there are a ton of scam type advertisements for natural aphrodisiacs from companies only looking to make a quick buck off of the desperate, I have found with a little bit of research a couple of reliable product providers with quality references that certainly make the grade.

What to look for when buying a product to increase your libido

It may seem like strange advice, but the first thing I will tell you is that whenever buying a female labido product in this category is that you need to make sure there is a solid money back guarantee for the product.

The reason you want a money back guarantee is that there is not any one product that works for everyone, and if you spend your hard earned money on a sex enhancement product and it does not give you the libido increase you were looking for, then it should be no problem at all for you to get you money back.

All of that being said, lets first look at the some of the reasons why there has been a loss of libido and what seemingly is causing low sex drive in women in the first place.

From personal experience I can honestly say that anti depressant drugs have had a huge effect.

Drugs like Paxil as well as many of the other popular anti anxiety and anti depressants will tell you right in their side effect notes that during testing many women reported a huge loss of desire for sex and sexual activity.  Depending upon any one person’s individual need for sex, taking the drug may make them even more depressed since they are no longer finding pleasure in one of their most enjoyable experiences in life.

So what is a woman to do if she wants to improve her sex drive?

Fortunately the natural herbal enhancement products for women are catching up to some of the male enhancement products like VigRX Plus that are readily available to men even if the prescription drug libido enhancers have proven not yet effective or safe for the girls who are looking to increase a low libido.

The one natural female aphrodisiac that has stood the test of time is called Provestra.  This product has lots of real testimonials and has proven to be the best aphrodisiac for women on the market so far.

Another just recently released  product is Extenze for Women, and while the Extenze for women is brand new and being hyped to no end on the internet, early results show promise that it could rival the Provestra brand as it seems to really enhance vaginal dryness and provide the lubrication needed for enjoyable sex.

Both of these sex enhancement products are manufactured under the strictest protocols and are from companies that you can trust and will have no problem getting your money back if you find that they aren’t showing you how to increase your libido in women.  Both of these products come in a pill or tablet type form and take some time for most women to see results.

Another popular product line of libido enhancers for women are the female libido enhancement creams as well as the oils and gels.  Many women have found that they prefer these types of products especially for use when they are stimulating themselves and they work well for most gals, especially when using their favorite toys.  Another real popular one that has helped the low sex drive of women in their 20’s is Vigorelle.

What if none of these women’s sexual enhancement products work for me?

When it comes to increasing sexuality for women there is no one clear cut answer.  One could take as many sexual enhancement pills as they want, apply lotions, creams, and jelly’s and never see a bit of increased libido.  Often times women report that after starting a solid and consistent exercise program, losing some weight, and generally feeling better about themselves their libido returns.  Sometimes with a vengeance.

If you are exercising regularly, eating right, and taking some of these sex drive pills in addition to everything else you can think of to help improve your low libido and your sexual desire still hasn’t returned, don’t get down on yourself.  It’s okay.  Many women (and men) live happy a fulfilling lives without ever participating in sex.  For most men and women over 40 having a sexual release once or twice a month is normal and many get by just fine none at all.

I hope this article has helped point you in the right direction.

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The following commentary about EXTENDOR male enhancement supplements is an excellent run down on the way a lot of products get promoted and the problems that people have with this type of promotion.

Thanks for the heads up Victor… a lot of us do not get around to really digging into and truly looking at the way a product is promoted and simply fall for the hype and outrageous claims that are rarely backed up with anything solid.

By Victor Mayfield

I decided to do a little investigation of this product called EXTENDOR ™ and the company that promotes and sells it after receiving an incredible multi page and multi color brochure in the mail.  I received the brochure out of the blue.  I never requested information from this company.

While the outside of the envelope does say “sexually oriented ad” on it I was quite amazed at the graphic nature of the pictures inside.

When looking at company brochure it would appear that a whole bunch of aging porn stars have let their secret out, but on closer analysis a couple of things just do not add up.

On one of the pages there are quotes from ten different doctors, and while I don’t doubt that the quotes are properly attributed to them, the fact is that upon closer examination none of the doctors are in fact making any recommendation of any kind for the EXTENDOR(tm) product.

The problem I have with this kind of marketing is that it is very sneaky.  It is intended to trick you into thinking that this product has the backing of all of these particular medical experts when in fact it does not.

Now… in the interest of full disclosure I should state that I have not used this product.  I do not know if it works.  The company does offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if anyone out there has used it and can vouch for its benefits please comment below.

Another thing that troubles me about the marketing tactics of this company   is that when doing an internet search for the alleged founder and medical director of Physicians Formula Lab, Inc.  Aaron M. Reagans (as noted in the brochure I received) nothing comes up even in the first several pages of the search results.

Wouldn’t you think that if a product with all of the testimonials as noted in their marketing material was so great and gave such good results there would be at least a little something somewhere on the internet about this guy, the actual creator of Extendor(tm)?

It just irks me… these type of promotions for natural male enhancement and things to boost the libido because I have been burned in the past.  All hype, few if any results, and often the company is out of business before you can even get your money back.

If this was a truly legitimate product and company wouldn’t there be more on the internet about it?

After quite a few false starts with various different products I have in fact found one that works for me. VigRX.

The nice thing is that the company that sells the product has great customer service.  They have all kinds of different products in their “Better Sex Mall” and have been around for a long time.  They have products not just for natural male enhancement, but things for the ladies like natural female libido enhancers as well.

They also sell Extenze.  That works okay for me and a lot of guys swear by it, but like I said… VigRX is the best one that I have found.  I just find that I have to stop taking it for a week or so every now and then for consistent results.

Another thing I take occasionally to increase my semen volume is Semenax pills.  I don’t take them all of the time though, but they really do help in that area when I find that I am a little bit light in ejaculate.

If I find something better I will post about it at Reviewers Facts.  In the meantime check out all of the cool stuff at the mall.

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