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Rexbull Enhancement Pills Update – June 2013

I originally published the Rexbull review below over two years ago and it seems that they are still at it – scamming people. 

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Rexbull’s newest promotion says they just came to the USA, but it appears they’ve been ripping people off for years with this kind of promotion.

New comments from ripped off customers in the comments section.  I knew something was funny with this company

– that’s why I originally published my thoughts

– it seems my thinking about the scammy nature of this company and product are still valid today.  Good Luck out there.  Victor M.


I have been receiving these REXBULL male enhancement pills promotions in the mail for quite some time now and decided it was time to do a review of what I think about this product.

What really pisses me off with this kind of promotion is that it comes off in a way that makes me feel like the company doing the promotion thinks that I am stupid.

Am I really going to believe that “Just two REXBULL tablets or pills is all I need to immediately get a 9 incher within 30 seconds”?  And why would I want to have indestructible sexual fury of a wild bull in the first place?  Even if I did I certainly think that it is going to take more than 30 seconds after taking “just two tablets”.

Furiously Devastating?  In 30 Seconds?

What is in the tablets anyway? I suppose I might become “furiously devastating” within 30 seconds if I drank some gasoline!  Is that what is in them?  No, it’s, well…  Taurine.  And not just Taurine, it’s 100% Taurine according to their literature.  They don’t say what else is in the product though.  That’s also a big red flag to me.

My Rexbull Research

I decided to do some quick research on this Taurine stuff.  Here is what I found at Wikepedia.  If you don’t want to read up on it yourself, I can tell you that there is nothing there that even suggests that it can help with your libido.

I also did some research about this Rexbull company that has a mailing address in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, and Doctor Greg Armstrong as noted in the Rexbull literature. 

I also spent some time doing deeper research into some of the other wild claims made about the product and I could not find anything other than some Better Business Bureau complaints about the company.

They do (or did) have their own website, but it is just a copy of the fancy literature they send out in the mail with an order page.

They don’t even supply telephone number that you can call for customer service – only to order….  We’ve already received some complaints from guys who couldn’t figure out how to get their money back from them after finding that the product didn’t work like they said it would – and especially from those who never even received the stuff.

My Final Rexbull Conclusions

Personally I’d stay away from this stuff.  That’s my review of REXBULL.

They seem to be a lot like a lot of the scam type Male Enhancement Product Promoters out there.  Do your research and find a reliable male enhancer from a company that has some real clinical research behind it.

If you are having low libido issues, spend your time reviewing male enhancement products that have REAL customer testimonials about the benefits of the product being promoted, and be sure that the company has a genuine 100% money back guarantee on the product if you find that you are not happy with the results.

Is There Anything I Can Trust?

I personally have gotten excellent results from VigRX Plus.  This is a company and a product that you can trust, and while it isn’t a product that everyone gets spectacular results from, (no product works for everyone) the majority of guys who take it seem to be more than happy with it.

You could also check out Semenax pills which can help you to increase ejaculate volume and thus pleasure.

VigRX Plus is certainly not the cheapest male enhancement pill available, but judging from all of the testimonials they have received over the years it seems the majority are more than pleased with the results it provides.

They are an easy company to work with, have many ordering options, and if you are not happy with the product they make it real easy to return it and get your money back.

Click on the banner to their site down below and you just might find that VigRX Plus is just the thing you have been looking for.

image of vigrx plus pills

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