Erectz Review – Erectz Made Me Sick

Once in a while I like to try a new product to see how it will work.  I came across Erectz and decided to try it so I could do a review.

Here’s my Erectz Review

Getting the product was no problem.  The company made it real easy.  I went to their website and noticed that they offer free samples – you just have to pay shipping.

Was It A Free Sample?

The shipping charges were $6.99 so I suppose it wasn’t actually a free sample, but at least I didn’t have to risk a bunch of money by purchasing a whole month’s supply like you do with most companies.

My Experience

I hadn’t taken any kind of libido enhancing pill in at least a couple of weeks so I figured that once the product arrived I’d be able to give it a fair test.

After I ordered it took approximately one week for the sample to arrive.  It sat on my desk for at least another week before I took it.

It was a Friday evening and my wife and I were going to be the only ones at home so I figured it was as good a time as any.

Product Warnings

To be fair to the company that makes Erectz they do say on the product packaging that if you experience any kind of reaction to it that you should not take any more.

I Won’t Be Taking Any More Erectz

After ingesting the two tablets with a glass of water I started burping a lot within 30 minutes.  The burps had a foul bitter taste.  The burping lasted for at least an hour.

Flu Like Symptoms

After the burping went away my wife and I went to bed.  We did have an intimate encounter, but I didn’t really experience anything different than I usually do so I have to say that this product does not work for me.

The next day I felt really lousy.  I wasn’t exactly sick, but I felt weak – and tired – all day and into the next.  Was this just a coincidence?  I don’t think so.  I think it was my body’s reaction to the product.

Other Sources For Info

There are plenty of websites that talk about Erectz other than the main company website where you can buy it, the ingredients, etc., so I’m not going to list them all here.  All you have to do is a Google search for Erectz and you fill find plenty of other good info.

What Works For Me

For now I think I’ll stick with VigRX Plus and my favorite one… Provacyl.  I don’t take either of these products every day, but if I start feeling a need for an energy boost or a libido boost I usually reach for the Provacyl before the VigRX.

Thanks for reading my review.

Victor Mayfield

Erexia – Just Another Transdermal Libido Patch?

For those of you looking into libido boosting dermal patches you may want to watch out for Erexia.  This is one of the latest (supposed) male enhancers being promoted and sold by Fomdi.

An Erexia Review

I did an Erexia Review and posted it at  You can read the full review Here if you want.

For those who don’t want to read the whole thing – the following is a snippet of what I about them when researching the claims being made in their promotional literature:


Who’s The Expert Here?

Let’s start with their expert – Professor Jackson, or is it Doctor Jackson?  In the literature it says he’s a well known doctor and that he has studied male sexuality for 25 years – that’s nice – it would seem that he must know what he’s talking about.

I’m confused though, because first he says he is a doctor that works with his staff to test all new products that purport to help men with their problems, and at the end of the letter it is signed Professor Jackson.

Now I know that someone can be both a doctor and a professor, but why the confusion?  And why not tell us your first name and give us some other credentials so we can verify your claims?

Is Professor Jackson A Real Person?

Maybe you aren’t a real doctor.  Maybe you don’t really even exist!  There’s plenty of male enhancement product promotions using fake experts.  Most (but not all) of the male product reviews on this site point that out.  It’s just a sneaky marketing tactic. 


Take care out there,

Victor Mayfield

Rexbull Male Enhancer | Personal Review

Rexbull Enhancement Pills Update – June 2013

I originally published the Rexbull review below over two years ago and it seems that they are still at it – scamming people. 

Rexbull pills image

Rexbull’s newest promotion says they just came to the USA, but it appears they’ve been ripping people off for years with this kind of promotion.

New comments from ripped off customers in the comments section.  I knew something was funny with this company

– that’s why I originally published my thoughts

– it seems my thinking about the scammy nature of this company and product are still valid today.  Good Luck out there.  Victor M.


I have been receiving these REXBULL male enhancement pills promotions in the mail for quite some time now and decided it was time to do a review of what I think about this product.

What really pisses me off with this kind of promotion is that it comes off in a way that makes me feel like the company doing the promotion thinks that I am stupid.

Am I really going to believe that “Just two REXBULL tablets or pills is all I need to immediately get a 9 incher within 30 seconds”?  And why would I want to have indestructible sexual fury of a wild bull in the first place?  Even if I did I certainly think that it is going to take more than 30 seconds after taking “just two tablets”.

Furiously Devastating?  In 30 Seconds?

What is in the tablets anyway? I suppose I might become “furiously devastating” within 30 seconds if I drank some gasoline!  Is that what is in them?  No, it’s, well…  Taurine.  And not just Taurine, it’s 100% Taurine according to their literature.  They don’t say what else is in the product though.  That’s also a big red flag to me.

My Rexbull Research

I decided to do some quick research on this Taurine stuff.  Here is what I found at Wikepedia.  If you don’t want to read up on it yourself, I can tell you that there is nothing there that even suggests that it can help with your libido.

I also did some research about this Rexbull company that has a mailing address in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, and Doctor Greg Armstrong as noted in the Rexbull literature. 

I also spent some time doing deeper research into some of the other wild claims made about the product and I could not find anything other than some Better Business Bureau complaints about the company.

They do (or did) have their own website, but it is just a copy of the fancy literature they send out in the mail with an order page.

They don’t even supply telephone number that you can call for customer service – only to order….  We’ve already received some complaints from guys who couldn’t figure out how to get their money back from them after finding that the product didn’t work like they said it would – and especially from those who never even received the stuff.

My Final Rexbull Conclusions

Personally I’d stay away from this stuff.  That’s my review of REXBULL.

They seem to be a lot like a lot of the scam type Male Enhancement Product Promoters out there.  Do your research and find a reliable male enhancer from a company that has some real clinical research behind it.

If you are having low libido issues, spend your time reviewing male enhancement products that have REAL customer testimonials about the benefits of the product being promoted, and be sure that the company has a genuine 100% money back guarantee on the product if you find that you are not happy with the results.

Is There Anything I Can Trust?

I personally have gotten excellent results from VigRX Plus.  This is a company and a product that you can trust, and while it isn’t a product that everyone gets spectacular results from, (no product works for everyone) the majority of guys who take it seem to be more than happy with it.

You could also check out Semenax pills which can help you to increase ejaculate volume and thus pleasure.

VigRX Plus is certainly not the cheapest male enhancement pill available, but judging from all of the testimonials they have received over the years it seems the majority are more than pleased with the results it provides.

They are an easy company to work with, have many ordering options, and if you are not happy with the product they make it real easy to return it and get your money back.

Click on the banner to their site down below and you just might find that VigRX Plus is just the thing you have been looking for.

image of vigrx plus pills

Herbal Supplements, The Female Libido, and Erectile Dysfunction

In my research I come across a lot of bad information about herbal supplements specifically for the female libido and even those for erectile dysfunction in men.

I think a lot of the bad information comes down to the fact that there is a huge market for solutions to a lack of sex drive in women and men and whenever there is a huge market there is money to be made.  This brings out the scammers who are willing to step over the line in order to sell their male and female libido enhancement products and other alleged aphrodisiacs for men and women.

Since there are a lot of men and women that have a lack of sex drive, or especially for men, the desire to last longer in bed, the products for how to cure the causes of premature ejaculation have proliferated. The latter really comes down to the desire to increase sexual stamina, but the former, ie: lack of libido in women has many operators hawking all sorts of impotence remedies and other impotence treatment.

Many of these products can in fact be categorized under aphrodisiacs for men as there has been success in the last few years of some of these all natural herbal male enhancement products actually working.  See the testimonials about VigRx Plus here.

Most of the suppliers of these types of herbal supplements will claim that their pill or products are the best male enhancement pills, or that the remedy provides the best penis enlargement.   We have all seen those sorts of advertisements.  I suppose we should not expect anything less.  Maybe we are all numb to it by now and don’t know who to trust when looking for products to increase low libido in women, or loss of sex drive.

One of the first things I discovered when doing research for this article is not only do a lot of people not know exactly what is libido in women, or men and many don’t even know how to properly spell it.  Here are some interesting ways that people spell libido when searching for products to improve the loss of sex drive, labido, lebido, libdo, libedo,libeto, libidio, libito, libidos, (that is an actual word) libidus, lobido.  Interesting isn’t it.

Everyone seems to know what they are looking for, but they are having a hard time finding it.  The bottom line is that libido pretty much means sex drive and if you have a high libido then you have a big natural desire for sexual stimulation.  If a women or man has a low libido then they don’t feel much desire for sex most of the time.

One of the problems that people run into that causes a lot of angst is when they want to have a desire for sex, but they don’t, or they have a huge (mental anyway) desire for sex, but cannot perform due to an erectile dysfunction issue or extreme vaginal dryness or a variety of other physical issues that prevent them from having an enjoyable experience.

I am going to try and wrap this up quickly with some advice from personal experience, both from my own actual use as well as from my wife.

What I have found for guys is that the best penis pills for a harder and thus bigger penis are those with Bioperene in them. No only do they boost libido, they also seem to provide a faster recovery time if you know what I mean.  So when looking to buy male enhancement pills take a look at VigRX Plus. They are the only all natural male enhancement pills that have bioperene in them.

If you read the testimonials about Vigrx Plus you can see that they seem to help a lot of them with their causes of erectile dysfunction and even allegedly help overcome some of the causes of impotence.

They are not the most expensive male enhancement pills, for that you have to look at the prescription e.d. treatments like Levitra, Cialis, Viagra, and others, but when looking to try something to solve your low libido problem you really don’t want to waste your time on unproven cheap male enhancement pills either.

If you are dealing with a decreased libido or your desire for sex is less than what you would like it to be then an all natural or herbal enhancement product may be the answer for you.

There is nothing on the market yet that works for everyone so when making a purchase of any kind make sure that the company you deal with has a real good money back guarantee. It also goes without saying that it is best to deal with an established company and not one that you found out about through a spammy email ad or a flyer that you received out of the blue in the mail.

I told you earlier that I would give my recommendation for loss of libido products for both men and women.  Here is what works for us.

For the female libido there is Provestra. This is a dietary supplement pill that is getting rave reviews. You don’t need a prescription and it seems to give good to fantastic results for more than half of the women who try it.

Another one that is new on the market that I am not personally familiar with is Womens Extenze. From talking to people I trust it seems to be a viable product.  You can trust the company to treat you right if you don’t get any results from it.  No hassle money back guarantee, etc.

For men with erectile dysfunction issues there is another recommendation I can make.  I already mentioned VigRX Plus above, but the other one is Prosolution Pills .

None of these products are cheap male enhancement pills and they most likely won’t enlarge your penis any more than the maximum you already have when fully erect, but they will more than likely improve your libido and desire for sex. When taken as directed as a dietary supplement I have found that they did increase sexual stamina as well.

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Using VigRX Plus and Nexus Pheromones Together

Before we get into this review of the potential benefits of taking Vigrx Plus herbal male enhancement pills and using a women attracting pheromones spray or perfume like Nexus at the same time it is probably important for the uninitiated to get the full facts of what it is that these products do.

First off… all natural herbal aphrodisiacs like VigRX have been found to provide a man with equal (and sometimes even better) results as the leading prescription medications for erectile dysfunction.  You can find the full results of the clinical study that was recently completed all over the internet, but just in case you have not seen it yet take a look at the study.

It is interesting that this kind of news has not hit the mainstream press, but I suppose this study probably irks the big pharmaceutical companies who spend millions of dollars a month in television advertising and the TV station owners are not willing to bite the hand that feeds them so to speak.

Another interesting thing is that these natural male enhancement products for men and women have proven themselves to have a much less chance of giving someone the nasty side effects that prescription medicines have, so much less in fact that users report almost no side effects at all.  After all… if you know what actually is in the product before taking it then you probably know what may or may not affect you.  Go here to see the VigRX Plus Ingredients.

While the no side effects benefit is a good one, the fact is that there is not one cure all for everyone.  Keep that in mind.  The important thing is to deal with a company that will give you a chance to try their product and if you are not satisfied give you your money back.  When is the last time you were able to get your money back from a prescription medication that you were not happy with?

So you know what it is that VigRX Plus will help you with and how and why it works.  What in the world is a pheromones spray going to do for you?

Without going into all of the nitty gritty details of how exactly pheromones work in this post, check out this Nexus Pheromones Review.  The bottom line about using pheromones to attract women is that there have been actual studies done, on national television no less, that seem to indicate that they do provide benefits when it comes to attracting girls, and when women use them they get more attention from men as well.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you are going to use a proven female attractant spray like Nexus you had better be sure you are able to give her what she wants if that is your intention when using the product.

To be fair it should be noted that a lot of guys don’t have sex as the number one priority on their mind as the purpose of applying a pheromone spray in the first place, but just in case that is your intention then it is probably a good idea to be in the position to perform on a moments notice and that is the reason to be taking a product like VigRX Plus on a frequent basis.

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VigRX Plus Review & Comparisons

Male Enhancement Supplements And Product Review.

The VigRXPlus product contains botanical ingredients that have been used and tested by many people for literally centuries. This all natural herbal male enhancement supplement product contains Damiana, Tribulus, as well as Bioperine. The Bioperine is the only VigRX ingredient that is not found in other herbal male enhancement pills.

In order to do a justifiable comparison of this product to other libido and male enhancers on the market it should be noted that there are several products available via a doctor’s prescription that have proven themselves to be adequate in helping men to overcome many different sorts of erectile dysfunction (ED) problems.  The most popular to date is Viagra. ™

Prescription type medications for erectile problems typically have some combination of calcium hydrogen phosphate, microctystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, as well as croscarmellose.

Any prescription pill on the market is going to have various chemical components and as such it is extremely important for anyone considering the use of one of these to consult their medical care provider before ingesting them as it has been discovered that many of the components of these medical grade products are not compatible with many other prescription medications which can and often will give rise to a whole host of troublesome side effects.  These problems often include chest pain and heart problems, numbness, indigestion, and even vision loss.

According to the website most reliable male enhancement pills treat not only erectile dysfunction, but help with other sexual problems like too soft penis during intercourse, ejaculating prematurely, and even an outright lack of desire for sex.

Many manufacturers of organic and all natural male enhancement supplement products (or natural male enhancers) claim that their product can be taken (ingested) with no fear of any nasty side effects since their ingredients are all natural.

However it makes sense when ingesting any product whether natural or a prescription type chemical male enhancer to proceed with caution as there is always a chance however slight that one could have an allergic reaction.

For additional information about potential VigRX Plus side effects including the results of a recent clinical study about VigRX male enhancer visit the official website.

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