Erectz Review – Erectz Made Me Sick

Once in a while I like to try a new product to see how it will work.  I came across Erectz and decided to try it so I could do a review.

Here’s my Erectz Review

Getting the product was no problem.  The company made it real easy.  I went to their website and noticed that they offer free samples – you just have to pay shipping.

Was It A Free Sample?

The shipping charges were $6.99 so I suppose it wasn’t actually a free sample, but at least I didn’t have to risk a bunch of money by purchasing a whole month’s supply like you do with most companies.

My Experience

I hadn’t taken any kind of libido enhancing pill in at least a couple of weeks so I figured that once the product arrived I’d be able to give it a fair test.

After I ordered it took approximately one week for the sample to arrive.  It sat on my desk for at least another week before I took it.

It was a Friday evening and my wife and I were going to be the only ones at home so I figured it was as good a time as any.

Product Warnings

To be fair to the company that makes Erectz they do say on the product packaging that if you experience any kind of reaction to it that you should not take any more.

I Won’t Be Taking Any More Erectz

After ingesting the two tablets with a glass of water I started burping a lot within 30 minutes.  The burps had a foul bitter taste.  The burping lasted for at least an hour.

Flu Like Symptoms

After the burping went away my wife and I went to bed.  We did have an intimate encounter, but I didn’t really experience anything different than I usually do so I have to say that this product does not work for me.

The next day I felt really lousy.  I wasn’t exactly sick, but I felt weak – and tired – all day and into the next.  Was this just a coincidence?  I don’t think so.  I think it was my body’s reaction to the product.

Other Sources For Info

There are plenty of websites that talk about Erectz other than the main company website where you can buy it, the ingredients, etc., so I’m not going to list them all here.  All you have to do is a Google search for Erectz and you fill find plenty of other good info.

What Works For Me

For now I think I’ll stick with VigRX Plus and my favorite one… Provacyl.  I don’t take either of these products every day, but if I start feeling a need for an energy boost or a libido boost I usually reach for the Provacyl before the VigRX.

Thanks for reading my review.

Victor Mayfield

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